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ACTITO is made for marketers, by marketers. Its web-based interface makes it very easy to use and deploy, even for non-specialists. Thanks to a short set-up time and our modular templates you can start engaging with your customers and prospects in a matter of days.

The suite is so agile that it grows with you, as your business needs evolve. Whether your database contains 1000 contacts or 10 million contacts – ACTITO can handle it. Whether you just want to send personalised mailings, or you need a made-to-measure app that orchestrates a complex marketing process – ACTITO can handle it.

We are here so that you can spend less time on execution and more on strategy. Because, let’s be honest, you just want to see results that make you proud of what you have achieved.


Infinitely agile. Made for marketers.
Powerful, yet very easy to use.

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