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Univers Running chooses the ACTITO platform for the automation of its customer loyalty programme

Univers Running chooses the ACTITO platform for the automation of its customer loyalty programme

Univers Running, an e-commerce site specialising in the online distribution of running and trail running items, has chosen the ACTITO platform to increase customers’ satisfaction about communication and personalised offers.

Univers Running increases customer loyalty with one-on-one communication

The running market is a fast-growing market (an estimated 16.5 million French people practised running in 2015, or 1/4 of the population, source: and customer typologies are constantly changing: pro-runners, débutantes, connected runners, people who are running to feel better...

In view of the changes in the sector, Univers Running felt it was time to develop a customer loyalty strategy. The brand, which is the second largest in its sector, with more than 230,000 customers, selected the ACTITO solution to activate its customer loyalty programme and target its community of passionate runners more effectively.

Thanks to the ACTITO platform, Univers Running now sends out targeted and relevant communication throughout the customer’s lifecycle, based on scripts.

This strategy is completely in line with the brand’s expectations, namely to centralise all of its customer information in one place. At the same time, this also ties in with Univers Running’s desire to increase customer satisfaction with more personalised communication and special offers.

We want to offer our customers impeccable service but above all, our service has to be a cut above the best. From the initial contact to the after-sales service, customers must be approached in a personalised and automated manner.  ACTITO allowed us to enhance our customer knowledge and adapt and automate our marketing actions.” , says Arnaud Wolak, the CEO and Founder of Univers Running.

Marketing automation boosts the ROI of Univers Running

After the fast deployment of ACTITO, the Univers Running marketing team was able to send out its first campaigns. 

Two types of personalised and automated communication were developed in line with the customer loyalty programme:

Purchase e-mails are sent, which include all the information in the customer loyalty programme: when the customer receives the e-mail that his order is on its way, Univers Running takes advantage of this to remind him that he also received a loyalty voucher.

• Sending follow-up e-mails before loyalty points expire: the marketing team can choose when is the right time to send the follow-up e-mail. After a test & learn phase, the brand chose to schedule the sending of the e-mail on day D-15 before the loyalty points expire.

Since it started using the ACTITO platform, Univers Running has seen its results improve with leaps and bounds.  The follow-up/purchase conversion rate is about 4.95% for an average shopping cart of €86 excl. VAT. A very good ROI for an automated action that does not require the marketing team to use its own resources or manpower.



In addition to scripts for its customer loyalty programme, Univers Running has also automated several other campaigns including 
• Follow-up of abandoned carts
• Welcome pack
• Personalised newsletters
• Transactional e-mails

The automation of our loyalty programme has allowed us to generate more sales while optimising the working hours of the marketing team because the various follow-up scripts were easy to develop thanks to the ACTITO platform.
Moreover, the multiplication of automated and targeted scripts has allowed us to significantly increase the ROI of our e-mail campaigns
” , explains Pauline Colasse, the Marketing Manager of Univers Running.

We are delighted to assist Univers Running with the evolution of its customer loyalty strategy. We have developed various action plans that rise to the challenge allowing Univers Running to attract new customers and retain existing customers. Univers Running is able to personalise its marketing strategy and effectively monitor the customer satisfaction levels of its customers because of the ACTITO solution”, Marc Désenfant, the CEO of ACTITO France, concludes.

Univers Running hopes to extend the use of its ACTITO platform to develop other follow-up campaigns, including campaigns for the reactivation of old customers.