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Agile Marketing Automation

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Engaging with customers one to one is every marketer’s dream and is something they’ve come to expect. ACTITO is a powerful yet easy to use SaaS, B2C marketing automation platform that makes it a real possibility. Stay right by your customer’s side on a journey that could last a lifetime.

Start engaging one-to-one. Launch personalized, multi-channel, multi-lingual marketing campaigns beautifully in tune with your customer’s journey. Trigger marketing programs at exactly the right time with smart templates and scenario management. Learn more about personalized right-time marketing

Focus on the now. Start small with quick-win campaigns that deliver the maximum value with measurable return, for the least amount of effort and investment. Our agile marketing automation platform is fast to deploy and fast to pay back. Find out more about our solutions

Insist on the best. Our experts are part of the ACTITO solution, always looking to maximize your marketing impact and ROI. We have experts on the ground in all the countries we operate, so we’re never far away when you need us. Meet your ACTITO team


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“The Belgian restaurant chain adopted ACTITO in 2014 and today, we simply couldn’t function without it.”
Annick Van Overstraeten, CEO, Lunch Garden