Data Privacy and Security: 2022 Product Release #1

Can you imagine a world without Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram...? Well, if it were for Europe, you wouldn't need much fantasy for that. The way these applications use your customers' data, as well as how they transfer that data across the Atlantic, has been a subject of heavy criticism earlier this year.

For a consumer, that's good news. For you as a marketer, it means that you have a responsibility towards your customers to make sure their privacy is respected at all times.

Data Privacy and Security: 2022 Product Release #1

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In this year's first Product Release we took a deep dive to show you how Actito handles your data and helps you to remain compliant. In this session you will learn about:

  • Current legislation around data privacy (bite-sized)

  • What happens behind the interface to protect your data

  • Which features you can use to remain compliant with the right to be forgotten, data portability, marketing consent,...

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