2022 Product Release #2 (XL): Segmentation and more

Segmentations make relations actionable and your actions relatable. This was just one of the many takeaways we threw for grabs during this Summer's Product Release, with plenty of examples to top it of.

We took you from the basics of segmentation to the wonderful world of marketing intelligence and the numerous advantages that come with it.

To top it off, we threw in another 3 brand new features, crafted with lots of love from our Product Team. Reason enough to brand this release an XL edition, one where you're sure to find something to better activate your customers tomorrow.

2022 Product Release #2 (XL): Segmentation and more

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In this release you'll learn why segmentation is one of the most important steps in a customer activation strategy, where it can take you and how it will put a smile on your manager's face every time you present your results. And a couple of other extras that will make your life easier:

  • The new segmentation app

  • The Activation Matrix

  • Actito Marketing Intelligence

  • Automatically enriched content

  • 2FA on mobile

  • API user rights management

Don't feel like listening to us for a full hour? You can use the chapters in the video to cut right to the chase!

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