Five reasons why email isn’t dead

SMS, social media, WhatsApp, print, email… Marketers can use a multiple of ways to communicate with customers. Faced with these choices, is email marketing still a relevant channel? Let’s look into our crystal ball together and spirit up five reasons why email isn’t dead!

Five reasons why email isn’t dead


I email, you email, we all email... Background

I email, you email, we all email...

In 2022, nearly 4.2 billion people used email – a figure that is expected to rise to 4.7 billion by 2027, more than half the world’s population! (Source: Statista 2022). Some 88% of internet users check their emails daily on a smartphone, tablet or computer (Source: SNCD 2019 Study).


It’s surely the personal quality you can achieve with email to create a relationship. Email is sent to a specific person, as opposed to social media posts, putting it at the heart of the customer relationship. New automation technology as well as marketing activation solutions like Actito enable marketers to send personalised campaigns to a large volume of recipients in real time.

#2 : Monster ROI

King of Channels

Did you know for every £ spent on email marketing, the average expected ROI is £32? (Source: DMA 2019). This figure isn’t a trick, but it is a big treat! According to a McKinsey study (Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails), the direct ROI of e-mail marketing actions is also three times higher than that of social media. And e-mail is nearly forty times more efficient with acquisition campaigns than Facebook and Twitter.

By adopting a customer activation solution, you can manage your audience and activate them with precise targeting and hyper-personalisation – and the results are there to see. In the Actito dashboard you can easily view the performance of your campaigns: Which emails were opened or clicked? Which ones made your audience respond, engage or buy? All these questions can be answered, so the crystal ball 🔮 can go back in the drawer!

King of Channels


Email marketing can support a wide variety of objectives – develop conversions, brand recognition and customer loyalty all from one channel. Like a ‘werewolf’ 🐺, email can take on different forms:

Mass Email Marketing Mass Email Marketing Background

Mass Email Marketing

Less intrusive than social media ads, email is consumers preferred way to hear from brands – 67%, ahead of text messages (54%) and in-app notifications (44%), according to SNCD’s Email Marketing Attitudes Study. It is simple and flexible. It can drive website visits, increase sales and boost interactions almost instantaneously with flash sales/promotions/clearances etc.

Transactional Email Transactional Email Background

Transactional Email

Customers expect that transactional emails after a purchase, reassuring and informing them about their order. In their inbox they can easily keep hold of those confirmation messages they feel are important for future reference.

Behavioural Email Behavioural Email Background

Behavioural Email

Behavioural email series launched after a customer action offer great personalisation opportunities. For example, attracting subscribers thanks to engaging content which directs them to a preference form… that information enriches your database… you improve your targeting and retention. Welcome and birthday scenarios also rely on data to allow you to easily build conversations with your subscribers.




Email is getting better all the time. Email adapts to new consumer habits like the rise in mobile use with responsive design – essential since 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices – and can be increasingly personalised thanks to marketing activation solutions.

The key to this personalisation can be found in the quality of targeting and segmentation realized. In Actito, you can easily adjust your communication to suit the value of your segments (occasional, low value buyer vs. regular customer, for example). Once your segmentation is implemented in Actito, any change related to lifecycle or RFM is detected and can automatically trigger a highly personalised campaign. Targeting is easy to implement too, putting an end to battling SQL.

With email, the power to deliver relevant content, whilst also getting to know your audience is in your hands!

#5 : Releasing the power

GDPR has made recipients that masters in the email game and fixes the imbalance in power from some channels. Your contact can easily decide to stop receiving emails. To prevent this happening, consider implementing a preference centre so subscribers can select their interests, preferred frequency and preferred channel etc. If you clients understand that you respect their choices, you will be able to build a long-lasting relationship of trust and loyalty.

The advantage of rebalancing the power? ⚔️ You get to know your targets better and adapt your communications to their expectations, which will improve client satisfaction and experience as well as email efficiency!

Inexpensive, relevant, the first lever of acquisition and retention, sustainable and personalised… email is the best connection to your customers and has a bright future! 

#5 : Releasing the power

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