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Actito acquires Notificare


Press release | Brussels, April 25th, 2024

ACTITO, the Belgium-based leading European software platform for Customer Activation, today announced the acquisition of Notificare, the Netherlands-based specialist in mobile marketing. This acquisition takes place with the support of its parent company QNTM Group (QNTM).

Notificare mobile marketing technology will strengthen Actito’s platform to meet the challenges of an increasing “Mobile First” world and ensure a comprehensive multichannel real-time customer experience.

QNTM continues to build its composable MarTech ecosystem by adding Notificare’s advanced components around Web Push, In-App messaging and Mobile Wallet.

This operation follows the acquisition of Qualifio in 2023, the leading European software for first- and zero-party data collection and reinforces the Group's ambition to build a unique best-of-breed ecosystem in the MarTech space in Europe and beyond.

Why did Notificare choose Actito?

"By joining forces with Actito, Notificare gains access to its strong customer journey orchestration across channels and data activation capabilities to ensure extended personalized communication, supported by artificial intelligence. With data constantly in motion and communication channels expanding rapidly, businesses need comprehensive integrated platforms that enable them to meet their customers' expectations," said Robert Leefmans, CEO of Notificare

Why Notificare is important for Actito?

"Today marks a key moment for Actito as we welcome Notificare into our family. This acquisition is not just about combining the best European technologies; it is about aligning our vision for the future of customer activation and empowering businesses to orchestrate seamlessly their relationship with their customers to achieve unprecedented success. Together, we will redefine what it means to engage consistently with customers across all channels, setting new standards in the industry," said Kenya Rose, co-CEO of Actito

About Actito

Actito is the leading European provider of Customer Activation solutions. Its powerful yet intuitive platform gives marketers the power to boost customer engagement with highly personalized, GDPR-compliant communications. Actito is headquartered in Belgium with offices in France, The Netherlands, Spain, the UK and Canada. The company empowers 550+ brands in building lasting and profitable customer relationships.

About QNTM

QNTM Group brings together best-of-breed companies to build an integrated ecosystem of MarTech components that enable the development of solutions supporting enterprises in increasing their revenue. Today the QNTM Group consists of 6 unique brands with more than 700 employees and offices in Europe, USA, and Canada. QNMT is fully owned by Altor fund V. www.qntmgroup.com

About Notificare

Founded in 2012 in Rotterdam, Notificare is a pioneer in the field of mobile channels. Its technology allows for both the collection and aggregation of mobile usage data and real-time communication on mobile phones and web browsers, offering advanced features such as Push notifications, In-app messaging and Location based marketing. Notificare serves numerous international clients such as Hunkemöller, Plus supermarkets, Colruyt, and ICI Paris XL. www.notificare.com

For further information concerning the acquisition

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