Actito Crash Course

Your first step to master Actito, the Customer Activation Platform

You may or may not be an Actito user. Some of you have activated their account yesterday, and some of you will know their login and pass better than their mother-in-law's last name.

The point is, whether you're an operational kind of marketer, a CMO or a techie: everyone can use Actito. You come up with that amazing new customer journey, Actito helps you to bring it to life.

So if you're a new user or even a marketing automation veteran, the best place to start would be these five onboarding videos. They're full of useful tips, customer activation examples and best practices to get you started at full speed.

Actito Crash Course

Step one: A tour of the interface

Let's start off with a quick tour of the interface, with a bit of explanation on the full story. It's like a guided tour in your new house, to make you feel at home right away.

Step two: Data, data, data

Now that you got a good gut feeling of what activation marketing is, it's time to spill the secret sauce, one of the main reasons why you are in a better position than a non-Actito user to get significant return on relationships.

You could say it's data.

The real answer is actually the way Actito allows you to handle your data and do complex things with it, no coding skills required. Actito makes your data accessible, readily available and scalable. Here's how 👉

Deeper into the data lake

Relational model?

Relational model?

Your type of data model makes all the difference when you want to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Understanding its strengths will help you leverage it even better.

Data privacy

Data privacy

Being a European solution, Actito has all the right features to make sure you remain GDPR-compliant, without having to be a legal expert on the matter. Allow us to explain.

Show me
Purple tables

Purple tables

Yes, we feel the geek burning inside you. You want to see what's under the hood, bend and twist and maybe break something to really know what you can do with it. And we are happy to oblige.

Yes please 🤓

Step three: Scenario sightseeing

John, our VP marketing, has this way of explaining marketing by comparing it to dating someone. Learn how to act and when to act, so that when you've said the right things at the right time, you take the girl/guy on a journey (wink wink).

Benoît, our co-CEO, is more of a romanticist: Customer activation is not a one-night stand, it's marriage. By continuing to say and do the right things at the right time, you eventually will achieve a relationship where commitment and loyalty are evident.

And Bryan is a big fan of experimenting with new things, but marriage-wise that probably applies to a phase much later down the line.

Anyhow, you get the gist: this one's all about scenarios and how to orchestrate data and channels for a longer and more fruitful customer lifecycle.

Get even better at scenarios

Activate your data

Activate your data

Although it's easy to build a scenario in the editor, it's wise to think before you act. Here's a solid article on how you can build journeys with a proper methodology and some pitfalls to avoid.

Learn more
How Dayuse Actito

How Dayuse Actito

Dayuse did a great job at finding the most impactful steps of the customer journey. By building a scenario for each of those, they were able to achieve some impressive results.

Read a book

Read a book

If all this hasn't quenched your thirst for knowledge yet, then we have just the treat for you: an extensive e-book on customer journey building. Leave your info and you get it for free!

Gimme gimme

Step four: Multi-channel mania

Do you like email? Are the texting type of person? Still sending post cards, aren't you?

It takes time to master one channel, to learn about its strengths, but also its weaknesses. Email is accessible, easy to use and very versatile, yet it's becoming harder and harder to stand out with it.

​​​​​​​SMS can often feel intrusive, and still, there are very few channels than can tell you your order is ready for pick-up like a simple text message does.

And then there's call centers, direct mail, push notifications, mobile wallet,...

We're not going to dive deeper into each channel. Instead, we're giving you some tricks that might come in handy when building your multi-channel campaigns in Actito. Want to see more channels?

Leave us a review

Leave a review

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This will help us tremendously, both to improve Actito and to spread the word. Let us know when you left/ are about to leave a review, we might drop in a little extra for you.

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Step five: Analyse your impact

Things are changing so fast, dear marketer. So do your customers, constantly. Automating things is not the end of the job. You need to test your assumptions, learn from the results and improve your campaigns as you go. You'll hear us say "Test-learn-iterate" a lot, because it's a truth every marketer should adhere to. This one will teach you how to:

  • Dive deeper into your reportings per segment, persona, subscription...

  • Associate revenue with your campaigns

  • Show your manager what great things your team does and how much money they bring to the table

Haven't had enough yet? You'll love this then.

So what's next?

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