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Actito Roadmap

There's more to the Actito platform than just 4 releases a year. Every two weeks, our teams unlock new possibilities for marketers to maximise their return on relationships. Only three of those improvements make it to the agenda of the Product Release.

This page helps you keep up with the features that might not have made the cut, but will still make all the difference to our users.


Next Product Release: June 24 2022

Seed lists

A lot of you requested to have seed lists for email campaigns, and we were happy to oblige. From now on, you can create a group of people that will receive a random copy of your campaign upon sending, so they know that every version of your mail has been sent successfully. You can create your seed list in the “Testing groups” app under Profiles.

Email version history

We all make mistakes, or change our minds, only to discover that we liked our first idea better. Some blame themselves, some their horoscope, but we found it to be something that can happen to anyone.

That’s why you can now consult a version history of your email. We store the latest 10 actions you performed on your content, and you can rewind the whole thing back to the version you deem the best. Just click up top, next to the “Exit editor” button.

Licence configuration dashboard

Manage and protect your licence thanks to the new license management portal. Here you can add/remove users, create API users and adjust other things like the authentication method.

Manage tracking consent

From now on you can give your customers full control over their privacy preferences. Thanks to the new tracking consent, any tracking (email opens and clicks, goals, sms clicks and device) can be (de)activated. Not only will you remain compliant to the constantly evolving privacy legislation, but your customer will also appreciate you even more for it.


Complaint management

Don't let your experiments jeopardize the deliverability rate you worked so hard for. Actito email reports now come with a new complaints metric, showing you how many people marked your message as spam. Perfect to evaluate the impact on a smaller batch before launching your campaign to a larger audience.

Report sharing

Not everyone needs access to your Actito account. For some, all that matters are the results you get with it. Those people will be happy to hear that you can now share your mass campaign reportings with a simple link. It will take non-Actito users to an online version of the report in the language they prefer.

Go to the final step of the email builder and open advanced options. There you'll be able to add all people that need to be kept in the loop.


IP whitelisting for API users

Anyone with an API key can access an Actito license without going through the portal. Protect your license from unwanted API calls by using our new IP whitelisting feature. It allows you to indicate which IPs can make use of a specific API key, so that only trusted sources get access to your license.

SMS sending speed

A lot of users were positive about the new sending speed option for email. As you requested, we've enabled the same option for SMS sending, so that you can choose whether you want your messages to be sent out all at once or in multiple waves.

Save your content block

Have that one killer block that your customers won't stop clicking? Save it to your template library with all its content so that you can reuse it later with just a click of a button! You'll find the option at the top left corner of every template block.