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Dayuse's experience with our marketing automation platform


Listening to your customers speaks for itself: there's no one better to share his or her experience with our marketing automation platform and the surrounding strategy. This time we talked to Maëlys Pellat Bravo, CRM Manager at Dayuse. Her mission, marketing objectives, her relationship with Actito,... Maëlys will tell you all about it in a short video.


The user Background

The user

Dayuse was founded in 2010, as first reservation solution for hotel rooms during the day. Dayuse aims for people who want to book a room for a couple of hours at daytime, to rest between two flights or enjoy the available services.


The challenge Background

The challenge

Set up strategies for customer retention and loyalty for the 25 markets in which Dayuse is active, using different mail and push tactics.


The solution Background

The solution

Set up personalized scenarios to activate and reactivate their database and test the mobile CRM.

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Discover the entire video interview with Maelys Pellat Bravo, CRM Manager at Dayuse.

She shares her experience

She shares her experience