Actito Summer Waves

Actito brings you a summer event right on your laptop, your garden table, the kitchen island,... with 1 inspiring keynote, 2 recent customer cases and 2 hands-on workshops.

Next to that, you can do your networking virtually and attend the open sessions as you please. The first session was held on July 30. Did you miss it? Don't panic, the Actito Summer Waves are back, on the 27th of August, from 2.30 PM.

Actito Summer Waves

Back in the days, we would regularly have a barbecue outside our offices to discuss and share things among colleagues in a more casual setting.

With most of our employees staying at home, we wanted to make sure we could continue to share and exchange valuable insights. Even more, we want you to also be a part of this.

Actito Summer Waves is a live streaming event, comfortably accessible from your home. We bring you break-outs (customer cases), work-outs (workshops) and plenty of other opportunities to expand your network of customer activation specialists.

Be it under the sun or away from the rain, our customers, partners and teams will be waiting for you on August 27, 2.30 PM.

What's the program?

We start the event with a refreshing keynote on the virtual main stage, after which several sessions will take place. Allow us to inspire you with the insightful customer cases we prepared for you, so that you are ready to take matters into your own hands during the workshops. Getting warm already? Then claim your tickets here, free of charge.

Actito Summer Waves: Vibes of creativity Actito Summer Waves: Vibes of creativity Background

Actito Summer Waves: Vibes of creativity

We start in the afternoon with an inspiring keynote. By who? About what? All the info will be revealed soon, so, "stay tuned"!

A musical intermezzo A musical intermezzo Background

A musical intermezzo

Before diving into the breakout and workout sessions, everyone gets the chance to network for a while, accompanied by live background music.

First Breakout First Breakout Background

First Breakout

Breakouts are customer cases where we go deeper into the way Actito users have executed their activation strategies.

Second Breakout Second Breakout Background

Second Breakout

Make full use of the chat and polls in order to get the most of this unique format.

Starter Workout Starter Workout Background

Starter Workout

We have workout sessions for everyone. If you are new at using Actito, we have a Starter Workout. We will run you through all the steps, one by one, to make sure you can apply it tomorrow for your needs.

Advanced Workout Advanced Workout Background

Advanced Workout

Join our advanced Workout sessions. Our hosts are there to help you get the most out of it.