Activation Marketing in an online class

Our Growth Marketeer, Jelle Van Medegael, was your teacher during Digimedia Summer School. His online class focused on Activation Marketing, a unique chance to get insightful tips and tricks.

Activation Marketing in an online class

Activation Marketing, 101

What is marketing activation? Why is it becoming more and more important in the era we live in today? What does it have to do with the famous customer journey? How are companies from different sectors using it today to not only get closer to their customers, but more out of them too?  

These are a couple of the questions we thought are worth diving into, for real, so we did it during our Activation Marketing course for Digimedia Summer School.   

The lesson, in a few words

It's a course made for non-technical marketers who aren't familiar with marketing activation or marketing automation yet, but who are eager to learn a new way of making customers take action. It's for marketers who understand that you need to be remarkable to get the attention of your customer.  

If you are reading this page right now, it's made for you. 

 During the course, you will learn: 

  • Why your existing customers are the key to driving a profitable business 

  • Why building a relationship is critical in an ever-changing digital world 

  • Why data is called the new gold 

  • How knowing the customer journey leads to outstanding customer experience 

  • How you can start doing activation marketing with no prerequisites 

  • Our canvas for developing successful activation marketing campaigns  

"An excellent presentation, it was simply inspiring" was what Thibaut said after he took the full course to success. 

To structure the class, we made it like that:

  • Session 1: What is marketing activation and why is it so important? 

  • Session 2: The fundamentals of marketing activation 

  • Session 3: Practicing marketing activation 

You missed the event? You'd like us to organize a new one? You'd like to know how to start activating you customers, your data and your brand? Then let us know what you're interested in and make sure your voice is heard in case we launch a new online class.