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Anti-Spam Policy

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This version was updated on 06/07/2024

We enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards spam. Actito provides its clients with a software platform to send direct communication to their existing or potential customers who have given explicit prior permission (opt-in). Therefore, no unsolicited email can be sent through our system.

For Actito, an email is considered spam if its recipient has not clearly and explicitly authorized the sender to send it. Thus, we prohibit our clients from using purchased, shared, marketed, or appended lists. We contractually require all our clients to adhere to this anti-spam policy. If we find that clients use our service to send spam, we will suspend their access.

Contractual Anti-Spam Commitment

Since our inception in 2009, even before the introduction of anti-spam legislation, we have always been uncompromising towards unsolicited emails and SMS messages (spam). Actito requires all its clients to certify that they will use its software service solely for the purpose of sending emails and/or SMS messages to their existing or potential customers who have explicitly consented to receive them (opt-in).

If Actito finds that a client uses Actito to send spam, we immediately suspend their access to our services. Actito does not purchase or sell mailing lists and opposes any use of mailing lists that are bought, rented, or otherwise acquired by its clients. Moreover, our clients are not permitted to use misleading or false subject lines or to use a false sending address.

Mandatory Unsubscription Guidelines

All emails sent through Actito must clearly indicate to recipients how they can unsubscribe or change their preferences. An unsubscribe link must be included in each email sent, which is mandatory under our anti-spam policy. By clicking on this link, recipients will automatically remove their email addresses from the mailing list and will cease receiving emails from the sender. Any unsubscription request via an Actito CC unjoin link will be immediately considered, and the recipients automatically placed in quarantine. In the case of an unsubscription request handled by the sender via an external link, we require all our clients to process opt-out requests within 48 hours.

A recipient who submits a particular unsubscription request (involving multiple senders, for example) can contact the Abuse team at Actito at the email address abuse@actito.com.

Spam Reporting

If you believe you have received an unwanted commercial email or SMS message from one of Actito’s clients, please forward it to the email address abuse@actito.com, making sure to include the full address of the email sender or the phone number used to send the SMS. Each request will be thoroughly investigated. If the email address or phone number of the complainant is listed, they will be immediately unsubscribed from the relevant client mailing list. Additionally, you have the option to report any spam to your messaging service such as AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., or to anti-spam organizations. Actito regularly collaborates with ISPs as well as anti-spam associations to find solutions to spam-related issues.

Membership and Accreditation

Signal Spam is a public-private partnership that allows internet users to report anything they consider spam in their emails to be then assigned to the public authority or the professional who is best able to take the necessary action to combat the reported spam.