As Summer comes to an end

and #stay@home continues ... here are 5 ways you can adapt to the Home Demand economy:

As Summer comes to an end

Our clients are facing a range of challenges during this time. Store closures mean many have had to scale their online sales quickly. Whilst others have had to cope with overwhelming demand for those essential items. Some face uncertainty as their revenue streams have been cut.

As we all spend more time away from our usual lives, necessity has driven new consumers to embrace digital channels like never before, and it will quickly become second nature. So, whether we’re talking seasoned online shoppers or not, the home demand economy is here to stay, and brands will need to adapt.

What can and should you consider for your subscribers?


Leverage SMS to notify and confirm Background

Leverage SMS to notify and confirm

Although SMS is often not the best channel for frequent marketing promotions. What it’s great for is what we call ‘notify and confirm’.

What do we mean by this? For example, when we receive an SMS reminding us of an appointment for the dentist. Or a delivery is now ready for collection, with opening times and potentially a link to the location to collection. It can also provide a redemption link or unique reference to aid the collection.


Life has moved online Background

Life has moved online

David Lloyd had to close their gyms and pause all memberships. The fantastic team there faced the challenge head-on. They’ve enhanced their mobile app with on-demand content to help subscribers stay active and help positivity. Smaller companies can’t necessarily afford to create an app – what can they do is try to offer a new value to their subscribers and customers.


Uncertainty is the order of the day Background

Uncertainty is the order of the day

Consumers are sticking to the major names alongside very local services, as they aren’t sure what to expect from companies. Those wise enough to have built up a list of subscribers can benefit by answering the questions customers have, and those they didn’t know they had! Let them know…

  • What service levels can customers expect from you at this time?

  • Are you offering an extended return policy?

  • Will loyalty points stay valid for longer?


Think hard about how you keep new customers Background

Think hard about how you keep new customers

High demand for certain items means consumers are thinking outside their usual go-to sources. Whilst incremental revenue is always welcome, the question becomes how to retain these customers longer term.

It’s critical to have quality communications. Subscribers are sensitive to the messaging they are receiving.

Above all its important to be human. The quality and timing of your campaigns has never been so crucial to your brand reputation as now.


As the age old saying goes, out of sight is out of mind Background

As the age old saying goes, out of sight is out of mind

You may not be back to ‘business-as-usual’ just yet, so it’s worth asking how can you put yourself in the best position for the remainder of the year?

Come back to what you offer as a brand. Where is the value you can offer your subscribers at this time? Think of it as an exchange for all the clicks they’ve given you in the past!

Just a last note: As we say here frequently “We work for people, not logos” so if you need support in any format please let us know. We are here to support you.

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