Success Story

Success Story : CGR Cinémas

With more than 73 movie cinemas all over France, CGR Cinémas succeeds in personalising its marketing efforts for each of its cinemas thanks to Actito. The company takes on the challenge whilst still managin to increase its automation and centralisation capabilities

Success Story : CGR Cinémas


The client Background

The client

The CGR Cinémas group (Circuit Georges Raymond) is the second largest operator of cinemas in France. With 73 cinemas in service, the group has recorded nearly 26 million admissions in 2019.

Founded by Georges Raymond in 1966, the company remains an independent family business to this day.


The context Background

The context

CGR Cinémas is a group that is constantly growing both in terms of the number of cinemas and the need for digital personalisation at a local level (for each of its 73 cinemas) and at a national level to consolidate its position as market leader.

It is precisely in this context that the collaboration between CGR Cinemas and Actito takes place. Indeed, the group had a significant need for a robust marketing solution capable of guaranteeing the unification of voluminous customer data at the national level, while still allowing for a high degree of personalisation of its marketing campaigns at the local level.


The challenge Background

The challenge

To meet the challenges of personalization at a national and local level, the French cinemas group needs to capitalize on the big data in its possession. The group has the opportunity to leverage data relating to the purchasing behavior and preferences of its various customers as well as data relating to the particularities of its multiple cinemas and their organization. However, this need for advanced personalization is coupled with the imminent need to centralize its marketing actions. Indeed, CGR Cinemas wishes to reinforce the centralization of its campaigns for better coherence and efficiency in the management of its resources and its communications. However, the concatenation of its elements and the consequent volume of its real-time data requires the use of a robust and comprehensive tool that is capable of supporting the company in meeting its evolving needs.


The solution Background

The solution

With millions of tickets sold per year, the amount of data available to CGR Cinémas is an exceptional basis for constructing successful personalisation scenarios. Thanks to fully customizable APIs and Actito's models, the group was able to integrate all the data it had on a single platform.

This allowed not only to centralise and unify the available data but also to process upcoming information in real-time, regardless of its origin (the 73 cinemas, Allociné, etc.).

The configuration of this data coupled with the integration of customer data thus enabled CGR Cinémas to succeed in more precise targeting in its campaigns, generating record opening and reactivity rates.

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With the testimony of Fanny Cuvellier, DATA/CRM Manager and Eva Jahan, Digital Marketing Project Manager at CGR Cinémas, who shared during the Activation Day 2022 with Jean Philippe Godement, CRM Director at Webedia their experience with Actito. Their presentation was titled: Harnessing the full power of your tools to increase productivity.

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