Success Story

Success Story : CityPass

Marketing automation in tourism during a pandemic

Success Story : CityPass


The client Background

The client

Offering experiences in 14 cities across the United States and Canada since 1997, CityPass is a family-owned business that saves travelers time and money on attractions in the cities they visit. Their motto “leave with more than you came with” refers to experiences but also to time spent with your loved ones or yourself and money to spend.


The goal Background

The goal

The nature of their service offer results in significant turnover among their customers. The goal is therefore to deliver a personalized and relevant message for each customer according to the type of trip, the destination and the period, in an automated scheme.


The context Background

The context

In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, their tourism partners were forced to change the way they operate. Attractions closed and then required reservations with capacity limits. It obviously had an impact on the activities of CityPass which quickly sought to automate its communications while sending a personalized message to each of its customers in order to keep them informed of these changes. The Actito automated marketing platform became a natural solution.


The solution Background

The solution

CityPass turned to Actito to restructure its marketing communications. The automation of communications ensures that each customer receives the information they need on time, but also sends them reminders when needed. This helps avoid any oversights while not consuming the time and energy of the CityPass marketing team who can focus on other tasks while the platform deals with each of these situations as they arise. -> They created scenarii to inform customers of the reservations needed but also to send reminders shortly before the trip if these have not been made yet. Using data such as departure dates and destination, retrieved through registration forms, as well as interactions with recent communications, Actito scenarii are automatically triggered to send scheduled email campaigns to affected customers.


The result Background

The result

Shortly after taking charge of their license, CityPass was able to keep pace with its partners in the different destinations. They were able to reach their customers, but also their prospects subscribed to newsletters and prospects identified by targeting, using the email templates prepared in Actito. Thanks to regular meetings with their project managers, dedicated to training in the platform and the implementation of strategies adapted to their needs, as well as the help of the deliverability team, they were able to become autonomous quickly following their migration to the platform.

Discover the Success Story in video

Through the testimony of Alicia Russo, director of social and online content, and Aaron Finley, vice-president of e-commerce at CityPass.

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