Success Story

Success story : Colmar

How is Colmar using its relational data model to offer a personalized experience, increase customer engagement and drive traffic to its restaurants

Success story : Colmar


The client Background

The client

Since 1957, the Colmar restaurant chain has become a household name in Belgium and France. From Brussels, Colmar expanded deeper and deeper into Belgium, until it decided to make a name for itself to its southern neighbours. The company now has 4,6 millions customers/year, 18 restaurants in France under the name Crocodile (named after the locomotive model found in the restaurants) and 6 Colmar restaurants in Belgium.

As a family business, Colmar manages to reinvent itself regularly. After all, this is the major challenge: the customer is constantly changing, with ever higher expectations and demands. At a time when people are more concerned about their food and where it comes from, it was important for Colmar to be closer to the customers and to grow with them.


The challenge Background

The challenge

Colmar chose to work with Actito in 2018. The main challenges they have were :

  • Data centralization

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Too many inactive customers

  • Increase loyalty card use

  • Knowing their customers


The solution Background

The solution

First of all, to be able to work with the data, Colmar went from an excel sheet to the rich data model of Actito. All the data was then centralized and ready to be activated in triggers. Then Colmar, with the help of Actito, mapped its customers journeys to be able to deliver the right message, at the right time through the right channel.

For example, to increase customer engagement:

  • They set up a personalized

    welcome program

    after a subscription or after the first visit

  • They set up a scenario to

    reactivate inactive customers

    , asking customers whether they wanted to be unsubscribed or reactivated

The also created a new segmentation according to the customers behaviour (bronze, silver, gold) to better personalize communications.

See more examples of what Colmar implemented in Actito in the video below.


The results Background

The results

After 3 years of collaboration:

+130% in opening rates

+87,5% in click rates

+22% in traffic in restaurants

70% of inactive customers won back

+40% in loyalty card users

+37% of profiles in database


The next projects Background

The next projects

Colmar is going to keep working on its data and will develop some new categories (food for example) to keep working on offering the best personalized experience.

Discover the Success Story in video

Through the testimony of Dean Sundermann, Account and Success Manager at Actito for Colmar

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