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Actito listens to its customers: feedback at the heart of our strategy

At Actito, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We firmly believe that by constantly listening to user feedback, we can improve our marketing automation platform day after day. That's why we pay close attention to reviews posted on platforms like G2, which provide us with valuable insights and areas for improvement.

With an overall rating of 4.3/5 on G2 and numerous glowing testimonials, we are proud to see our efforts rewarded. But we're not resting on our laurels! Every comment, whether positive or negative, is analyzed and taken into account by our teams to evolve Actito in the right direction.

Discover how our customers' feedback drives our daily strategy and makes Actito an increasingly powerful platform tailored to marketers' needs.


Customer feedback: a priority at Actito

Since its inception, Actito has placed its customers at the heart of its strategy and priorities. Our philosophy is simple: it's our users' feedback that allows us to build the most effective marketing automation platform best suited to their needs.

To gather this valuable feedback, we use multiple listening channels:

  • Our customer support, available by email, chat, and phone to assist our users daily

  • Our presence on social networks for informal and instant exchanges

  • Review platforms like G2, which allow us to collect authentic and detailed testimonials

  • Regular interviews and surveys with our clients to delve deeper into certain points

  • QBRs that, in addition to showcasing recent actions and results, also enable collaborative discussions with our customers

But collecting feedback is not enough; we must analyze and consider it! At Actito, we have implemented a rigorous internal process to study each comment and draw concrete lessons from it:

  1. Centralization of all feedback in a dedicated tool, whether from support, social networks, G2, or elsewhere

  2. Categorization of feedback by theme (ergonomics, features, performance, etc.) and urgency level

  3. Transmission to relevant teams (product, development, marketing, etc.) to assess feasibility

  4. Prioritization in the roadmap and development of improvements

  5. Monitoring satisfaction after deploying optimizations

Thus, each piece of feedback undergoes a thorough treatment that allows us to continuously improve our platform and services. Nothing is left to chance, and every opinion counts!

What our customers appreciate most

When browsing the numerous reviews left by our users on G2, certain strengths of Actito stand out repeatedly. Here are the elements most frequently cited by our customers to explain their satisfaction:

The power and flexibility of the platform

Marketers are unanimous: Actito offers them advanced segmentation and campaign automation features while remaining intuitive and easy to use.

"Actito has allowed us to take our marketing automation to the next level. The platform is very comprehensive and powerful. The segmentation and personalization possibilities are immense!"

"The tool is very flexible and easily adapts to our specific needs. We can set up complex automation scenarios quite intuitively."

Customer support and assistance

The quality of support and assistance is another strong point highlighted by our clients. Actito's teams are praised for their responsiveness, expertise, and attentiveness.

"The support team is incredible! Always listening, very responsive in helping us solve any problem. It's a real strength of Actito."

"When getting started with the tool, we were very well supported and trained by the Actito team, which allowed us to quickly become autonomous."

Value for money

Finally, many customers emphasize Actito's pricing positioning, considered highly competitive compared to the features offered.

"Actito offers excellent value for money. It's one of the most comprehensive and powerful tools on the market, all at a very reasonable cost."

"We chose Actito after comparing many marketing automation solutions, and it's clearly the most attractive in terms of price and performance."

As you can see, our customers are our best ambassadors! Their testimonials reflect the mission we have set for ourselves: to enable marketers to create high-performing, personalized campaigns autonomously.


We are happy to have accumulated 30 badges compared to 15 in the last report.

Discover all the reviews left by our customers

Feedback as a driver of continuous improvement

While we are proud of the positive feedback from our customers, we place particular importance on comments that point out areas for improvement. Each remark is an opportunity to evolve Actito in the right direction!

For example, some users expressed the need to further integrate Actito with other tools in their marketing stack. We took this request into account and launched developments to offer new connectors, particularly with CRM and e-commerce solutions. These new integrations are now available and allow our customers to use Actito even more effectively within their ecosystem.

Another area for improvement raised concerned the learning curve of our platform, which some users found a bit steep at first. We worked on this by enriching our knowledge base, offering more training, and adding contextual help directly in the tool. The goal: to allow all our customers, even the least technical, to quickly master Actito and exploit its full potential.

In recent months, we have made several major optimizations to our platform, including:

  • A redesign of our HTML editor to make it even more intuitive and efficient

  • A new advanced analytics module to allow you to accurately track your campaign results and identify optimization levers

  • The ability to finely schedule the sending time of your SMS to reach your contacts at the best moment

  • Improvements to the Push channel to boost engagement of your mobile app users

And this is just the beginning! We have many more projects underway to evolve Actito and offer you even more possibilities. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome to help us prioritize these developments and design the features you really need.

Finally, we also analyze the verbatims that mention bugs or instabilities, even if they are rare. Our technical team is on the job to fix the slightest problem and ensure optimal service quality. Each customer ticket is thoroughly investigated, and we deploy the necessary fixes as quickly as possible.

As you can see, our customers' feedback, whether positive or negative, is truly the fuel for our teams. It pushes us to surpass ourselves and always do better to precisely meet marketers' needs. So don't hesitate to share your feedback with us; it's invaluable!

Thank you

At Actito, feedback is king! We want to warmly thank all our customers who take the time to leave us their opinions. Each of your comments is a source of inspiration and motivation for our teams.

As you've understood, your feedback is at the heart of our product strategy and corporate philosophy. It allows us to build the most powerful and tailored marketing automation solution for your needs, day after day. So keep challenging us; that's how we can innovate and offer you an increasingly relevant tool.

The Actito adventure has already spanned more than 20 years, but we still have many ideas to improve the platform and simplify your daily life as a marketer. Together, let's continue to grow Actito and make it the go-to reference for marketing automation!

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