Success Story : iad

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Success Story :  iad


The client Background

The client

New French unicorn founded in 2008, iad is a key player in the real estate sector. The company is bringing a fresh air of digitalisation to the atmosphere with its peculiar way of perceiving and approaching real estate. Extensive knowledge of local markets and economies of scale are the company's main pillars for reducing costs and distances for both its independent agents and clients.

The backbone of this unicorn's business model relies on the interconnection of Real Estate, Digital, and Network Marketing (MLM). Nowadays, the company counts more than 400 employees in 6 different countries, more than 17,000 independent advisers, and 70,000 properties posted online. Thus allowing it to generate a turnover of around 405 million euros in 2021.


The context Background

The context

The ecosystem of iad is defined by its complexity due to the multitude of stakeholders. Indeed, it relies on a multi-user, multi-supplier, and multi-country structure. Therefore, the company's growth has naturally generated a fairly large degree of atomicity at the database level. Consequently, the company noted multiple instances of loss of business due to poor standardisation of relational programs. Especially since iad was simultaneously carrying out a global redesign of its website, which was no longer able to keep up with the scalability of the company and its B to B To C model.


The challenge  Background

The challenge

The challenge faced by iad in the real estate ecosystem today is constructing a new model: digitised real estate.

To succeed in its choice of dematerialisation of physical branches while leveraging the advantages of its local network, the company has several needs. Particularly in terms of scalability, multiplication of relational programs as well as a great interest in the centralisation of its ecosystem in view of the exponential growth it is experiencing today.


The solution Background

The solution

The collaboration between Actito and iad was initiated through a mapping project of the existing resources and parameters. The goal was to define in-depth and in detail the current needs of the company while taking into consideration its projections and long-term strategy.

The implementation of these solutions took place according to a roadmap designed by application perimeter: from the CRM and application migration to the optimisation and configuration of agents and customers life cycles. This methodology has allowed for a much greater effectiveness and efficiency in terms of time and resources for iad.


The result Background

The result

In a few weeks after accessing its license and thanks to a bespoke support service, iad was able to successfully carry out its redesign project while respecting deadlines and reaching its centralisation target.

The standardisation of its relational programs was a success which indeed remedied its issues of database atomicity, whilst taking into account the complexity of its environment. The unicorn was also able to enrich its databases in a structured yet relevant manner. As a result, it was successfully able to provide the desired level of adequacy between the advisor and the appropriate information on the one hand, and the advisor and the client's needs on the other. Therefore, transmitting the right information to the right person at the right time.

Thanks to the technical resilience offered by the Actito solution, the robust and controlled hosting services and the support of a dedicated deliverability team, iad has now succeeded in meeting the different needs of its B to B to C stakeholders.

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With the testimony of Yan Rezaiz, Head of Websites at iad who shared his company's experience with Actito at the Activation Day 2022. His presentation was titled: Migration of customer activation tools at iad. Why choose Actito?

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