Success Story : Jennyfer

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Success Story : Jennyfer


The client Background

The client

With more than 500 stores in 31 countries, Jennyfer is a French women's ready-to-wear brand created in 1985 with the ambition to become a leader in the teenage fashion market. Popular in the 90s, Jennyfer has been initiating a transformation since 2018 to regain its core target and regain a positive image with its consumers. Banking on a multi-channel influence strategy and on speaking out that plays on the stereotypes from which the brand may have suffered, the brand is reinventing itself and positioning itself beyond appearances.


The goal Background

The goal

Jennyfer is embarking on a digital transformation. The goal ? Create a real personalized relationship with your target audience, based on customer knowledge and preferences.


The context Background

The context

Until 2018, Jennyfer used an "email cannon" type solution that was problematic with slowness and poor deliverability scores. Hence the desire to change the solution to a tool truly capable of animating and activating the database. Jennyfer's marketing team, made up of 3 people, was also looking for a European solution, more tailored to their needs and easy to use.


The solution Background

The solution

It was therefore quite natural that Jennyfer chose to trust Actito and D-Aim for the RCU management part of the project. On this project, D-AIM offered analytical support with the provision of calculations of customer knowledge indicators (scores, more precise segments in the service of targeting and relevant personalization). This analytical know-how combined with Actito's marketing activation expertise has made it possible to deliver personalized campaigns, tailored to customer expectations. => A personalized scenario could be set up, for example, according to the individual purchase frequency indicator. The scenario is triggered according to the customer's RFI indicator: if the customer is "late" with his next purchase => sending of a personalized campaign according to the preferred department and the consumer's preference. The process is conditioned by the e-mail behavior of the consumer.


The result Background

The result

The ease of integration and handling gives back all its independence to the marketing department, autonomous after only 1 month of using Actito! The D-AIM / Actito duo also enabled Jennyfer to refine its strategy according to the purchasing habits of its consumers. The result? The brand has seen its customer loyalty strengthened and increased its traffic and its online and offline conversion rate. Ultimately, the ROI of marketing operations was greatly optimized and allowed to maximize profits and lead conversion. With this marketing strategy, the brand reconnects with its target market, whose purchasing habits and expectations it better understands.

Discover the Success Story

Through the testimony of the Head of CRM at Don't Call me Jennyfer, Graziella Kaeuffer. (video in French, subtitled in English).