Success Story : Kaporal

A successful migration project!

Success Story : Kaporal


The client Background

The client

Kaporal is a ready-to-wear brand born, that first opened in Marseille (France) 15 years ago. The Brand has more than 130 physical stores, a 1,200 multi-brand points of sale, about 500 employees and a turnover of 125 million euros.

Kaporal is a popular brand that caters to a very wide audience that loves trendy, rebellious and avant-gardiste fashion. Kaporal identifies today as the "French Liberating Touch", with a rock & roll influence. It is a brand that that portrays a strong character, a recognizable style and above all is a great French success story!


The context Background

The context

Kaporal did not have a customer knowledge culture due to the fact that the majority of the company's revenue was driven by its BtoB activity. Today the brand has not only expanded its activity to BtoC but also to CtoC through Kaporal's second-hand clothing platform.

Kaporal also offers its clients a loyalty program that has over 1 200 000 members, supported by an application that aims to reward clients that engage with the brand.


The challenges Background

The challenges

Today, the main challenge facing Kaporal is the structuring of its data flows. Considering the diversity of its customer contact platforms, it is essential to be able to centralize data, optimize its collection, and activate it through a strategy that aims to increase and sustain customer loyalty.

In addition to the multiple customer interaction channels, Kaporal is adopting an omnichannel strategy, liaising between web interactions and physical stores. This strategy has thus far succeeded in generating an interaction rate of up to 80%. Therefore, the challenge for Kaporal is to leverage the omnichannel approach in order to improve customer loyalty and conversion rates.

To meet these challenges, the CRM team must also continue to improve customer knowledge by perfecting its targeting and segmentation, for better deliverability and more impactful campaigns.


The solution Background

The solution

Historically, Kaporal routed its campaigns through SmartFocus. The CRM team eventually hit a wall due to the flat data model of the solution. Kaporal was restrained in the design, targeting, and possibilities for its campaigns.

Kaporal was in contact with 3 rich data model solutions on the market which seemed to meet its needs. With a preference for Actito already, Kaporal's decision was simple and unanimous, especially after the acquisition of SmartFocus by Actito.

The transition project was conducted in different stages, throughout which the Kaporal teams were supported and advised to guarantee a successful migration on both the IT and Marketing sides.


The results Background

The results

The CRM team uses Actito on a daily basis. Getting started with the tool was an easy task, considering the simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform. The team has access to new bespoke KPIs that are in line with Kaporal's strategy and marketing targets. Particularly on matters of deliverability and interactions with customers.

The online help was really very helpful to Kaporal's teams as well and helped them very quickly with some fairly simple questions. As for the other concerns, the team is accompanied by a CSM and support, who are very reactive and available.


The goals Background

The goals

The successful collaboration with the Kaporal teams has opened the door to wider development perspectives for Kaporal. Indeed, given the simplicity of implementation of the solution and its exhaustive ecosystem, Kaporal plans to take up new challenges with Actito:

  • Centralization of data in Actito (customer information system supplied by the cash registers, dematerialized receipts, customer service, customer reviews, etc.)

  • Design a marketing strategy with actions tailored to the customer journey and optimization objectives with well-thought-out touchpoints

  • Optimize the customer experience through scenarios covering the entire customer lifecycle to improve retention rates.

Discover the success story in video

Through Laurence Couennault's testimony, CRM Maanger for Kaporal