Success Story

Success Story : Le Temps des Cerises

In the world of modern retail, technological innovation plays a crucial role in providing quality customer experiences. A prime example of success in this field is the collaboration between Le Temps des Cerises, Actito, and Neostore. Their joint project of co-creating a unique mobile wallet offers a vision of what the future of customer loyalty can be.

Success Story : Le Temps des Cerises


The Client Background

The Client

Le Temps des Cerises, a French ready-to-wear brand founded in 1998, has established itself as a fashion icon, especially in the world of "jean" or "denim" fabric. Today, this family business achieves a turnover of around 100 million euros, thanks to sales made online and in-store. It operates in 80 boutiques across France and internationally, notably through a well-established multi-brand affiliation network.

The brand is best known for its jeans that combine style and comfort, becoming essentials in any wardrobe. Over the years, it has expanded its range to include clothing and accessories that reflect an urban and modern style. The brand is deeply committed to its values and French craftsmanship, while engaging in eco-responsible production. Continuously pursuing growth and international development, Le Temps des Cerises has decided to move towards an innovative digital strategy and a strong presence on Social Networks. In full development, the brand has become a must-have fashion label among 15-35 year-olds today. It also offers its customers a "user-friendly" app to manage their purchases and loyalty accounts.


The Context Background

The Context

Navigating the world of modern retail can be a challenging exercise, given the technological advancements in the sector and the changing expectations of customers.

Today, still between 75 and 80% of purchases are made in-store. Consumers are increasingly returning to local shops.

The growing interest of consumers in dematerialization is illustrated by the adoption by a third of the French population of Mobile Wallet functionalities, whether for payments (online or in-store) or for the use of loyalty cards when needed. The mobile wallet has become a true link between offline and online commerce.


The Solution Background

The Solution

Le Temps des Cerises, lagging in the area of mobile wallets, decided to collaborate with Actito and Neostore to develop a wallet solution capable of offering a complete and unprecedented customer experience by optimizing customer journeys with a unique bouquet of services in their sector:

📲 Enrollment: QR code at checkout and CTA in emails

✨ Loyalty: points, vouchers, status...

🎟️ Couponing: offers, gifts, and credits

🔙 Customer Service: return and exchange without a receipt

📍 Drive to Store: geolocated push notifications

🔔 VIP Access: private sales, discounts, events

🔗 Useful Links: my orders, favorite store address


The Results Background

The Results

The Wallet Serving the Environment

The wallet is the channel that best meets environmental challenges

  • 0.2 tonnes of CO2 (200kg), which is 1% compared to 21 tonnes for plastic cards

Enrollment Through the Wallet

QR codes, CTAs in emails, and doubling loyalty points have been effective ways to attract more customers and increase their engagement. This significantly increased the number of customers enrolled in their loyalty program

  • 80% of customers who scan the QR code in-store add their card to the wallet

  • 50% of email subscribers have downloaded their card into the wallet

Activating Customers Through Geolocation

Sending geolocated push notifications to attract customers to stores when they are nearby

  • 40% more revenue for “walletized” customers

The Wallet for Cost Savings

Whether for abandoned carts or delivery notifications, Le Temps des Cerises replaced SMS with push notifications for transactional and relational communications, thus saving costs while remaining effective.

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