Success Story : Mozzeno

Success Story : Mozzeno


The client Background

The client

Launched in 2015, is a digital platform that allows individuals to indirectly finance the loans of other individuals. The originality of is its large audience: in fact, companies are also targeted by's offer. Communicating about credits and loans by offering a collaborative approach, highlighting a real sharing of values ​​between all the players, requires an activation and acute communication strategy.


The goal  Background

The goal

Today, Mozzeno mainly offers personal loans and innovative dynamic rate offers (ie rates set according to the objective risk of the file based on a scoring). The platform is 100% digital and allows individuals to do everything remotely and safely. Investors can choose what they want to invest and for what file, directly via the platform. To be able to have the lowest possible production costs, Mozzeno needed to develop powerful and efficient automated processes, requiring little human intervention.


The solution Background

The solution

Actito is at the heart of the automation of all the processes installed by Mozzeno. Automation represents for the Mozzeno teams a lightening of the tasks to be set up. Currently, Mozzeno sends a series of events on Actito and uses the Scenario App to track processes with Mozzeno clients without the need for human intervention. Emails or SMS are sent to consumers directly on the basis of these scenarios. The process is constantly evolving. Emphasis was placed on emailing but the objective quickly evolved to build a functional system encompassing various communication channels and scenarios. The vision, agile, is in continuous improvement and constantly adapts to the needs and new challenges desired by Mozzeno. The main processes in Mozzeno are acquisition and on-servicing which, in theory, take a long time to set up.


The results Background

The results

In practice, thanks to Actito, Mozzeno was able to set up an efficient conversion funnel with relevant stages, all connected to Actito and with the objective of not losing the consumer in this flow of stages. The open rates on SMS are impressive, Xavier Laoureux explains it in his presentation video on the occasion of Actito Day Live.

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