COVID-19: we remain at your disposal

As the Coronavirus outbreak continues, we wanted to inform you on the measures we have taken to guarantee continuity of business operations.

COVID-19: we remain at your disposal

First and foremost, we wanted to reassure you that all of our services are fully operational. Our IT team as well as our customer success and support teams are fully equipped to maintain the quality of our platform and services. There is no reason you should experience any disruption as a consequence of COVID-19.

How do we manage this?

1. Most employees now work from home.  Working remotely is part of our standard processes and culture. We have the necessary tools and security systems in place in order to work from home and operate as usual.

2. Following the advice of the World Health Organisation, all employees have been instructed on how to reduce the risk of contracting the virus and what to do if they come into contact with an infected person or become infected themselves. 

3. We have cancelled any non-critical business travel and are proposing that business meetings are conducted via Webinar until we have guidance that risk is at a minimum. 

What you must keep in mind:

We were well prepared to handle this situation. Your Customer Success Manager remains the same and our dedicated support team is working as usual.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us on We will get back to you shortly.

Stay safe and see you soon,

The Actito Team