Product Release 2020: What's New? #3 [Replay]

Christmas comes early with the new Actito features for this quarter. We made sure to equip you with all the right tools, tips and tricks you need to make a success of this year's holiday season. To make sure no one misses out, we recorded the session for you.

 Product Release 2020: What's New? #3 [Replay]

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We tend to get enthusiastic (and a little nervous too, but we're all human here, right?) when showing the novelties. That's when heaps of examples, suggestions and possibilities come out. With the recording, you can make sure you got them all.

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What's new?

Email Throttling and Fast Sending Email Throttling and Fast Sending Background

Email Throttling and Fast Sending

With this double feature you can adjust the sending speed of your email campaigns. It's perfect for those moments when speed makes the difference, like temporary offers or important news under embargo, or quite the opposite, when a phased approach will prevent your website from crashing under the pressure of enthusiastic customers.

Revamped SMS module Revamped SMS module Background

Revamped SMS module

SMS is a channel that can really bring you closer to your customer than you would expect. It's reliable and highly effective, but can also be perceived as intrusive. Along with the introduction to the new SMS builder, we give you loads of interesting examples that you can start with today.

Extended API capabilities Extended API capabilities Background

Extended API capabilities

Our quest for API excellence is one that brings us further every release. Technical operators will rejoice in the extended possibilities that come with this upgrade. Build purple tables, profile tables or configure automatic imports and data transformations (ETL), without ever logging into the platform itself.

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