Product release 2021: what's new? #1 [replay]

Spring came with a new set of features that will set you up for customer activation success. This time, you can discover new ways to transform your customer data into impactful human language, maximise your webshop's potential and facilitate conversation between your customers and employees.

Product release 2021: what's new? #1 [replay]

3 new features unboxed

Multi-value personalisation Multi-value personalisation Background

Multi-value personalisation

Chain multiple personalisations together, ordered by the criteria that matter the most to your customer. Imagine a subject line where you start off with the most relevant promotion for a specific customer. Sum up the latest destinations your customer has visited, in a human way that does not require any bullet points.

E-commerce connector E-commerce connector Background

E-commerce connector

Increase your webshop's return significantly, thanks to the new e-commerce connector. Whether you use Shopify, Magento or Prestashop, you will be able to import product information into your email in just a few clicks. Ideal for quick promotions or long newsletters where you want to showcase a lot of products.

Personalized reply-to Personalized reply-to Background

Personalized reply-to

Connect your customers immediately with the right person. Personal trainer, your contact person for private banking or the nearest shop? Just by clicking the reply button, everyone will arrive in the right mailbox, ready to start the conversation.

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Three features, one case and two hosts. We recorded it all: the interesting discussions, examples and explanations. Enjoy the whole thing, or skip to the feature that interests you the most.

Again, we want to thank all of our users for the positive reviews we received on G2 crowd. It motivates us even more to deliver the best customer activation platform any marketer could wish for. If you haven't shared your opinion about Actito yet: please do. It helps us determine what can be better, and what makes you shine the most.

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