Product release 2021: What's new? #2

We're back at it again with some interesting new features to cover a crucial part of customer activation: experimenting. There's no telling what customers will do tomorrow as we are able to safely step outside again. The only way to know is by testing, learning, and iterating.

From thereon we cover some new reporting features, namely report sharing and complaint reporting.

Product release 2021: What's new? #2

3 topics to explore

A/B testing A/B testing Background

A/B testing

No need to have endless discussion on gut feeling and hunches when there's no data to fall back on. There's always room for improvement, which is why A/B testing is so important. We aim to make Actito as user-friendly as possible, so that you feel confident to experiment and see when things bend or break.

Report sharing Report sharing Background

Report sharing

Not everyone needs access to your Actito account. For some, all that matters are the results you get with it. Those people will be happy to hear that you can now share your mass campaign reportings with a simple link.

Complaint management Complaint management Background

Complaint management

Don't let your experiments jeopardize the deliverability rate you worked so hard for. Actito email reports now come with a new complaints metric, showing you how many people marked your message as spam.

Watch the replay

The audience was on fire during this quarter's webinar. It was one of the most animated and engaging sessions we've had so far, and we have you to thank for it.

On top of the proposed topics, we also announced the new benchmarks (click here to get yours). Moreover, we are thrilled with the new G2 badges awarded to Actito, all thanks to your feedback and kind words. It was a great session, we can't wait to have you over for the next one!

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