Success Story : Québec International

Automated marketing to engage the right customer with the brand

Success Story :  Québec International


The client Background

The client

Having organized missions in more than twenty countries since its founding in 2003, Quebec International is the economic development agency for the Quebec City region. Mandated by the three levels of government, municipal, provincial and federal, they work to support business growth, develop strong sectors and attract talent and investment to regions. Their marketing strategy therefore extends from the local level to the international level to promote the province of Quebec and its businesses.


The goal Background

The goal

Regularly dealing with a diverse clientele, both on a sector and geographic level, the challenge of Québec International is to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.


The context Background

The context

Before their first steps with automated marketing in 2020 with Actito, Quebec International used to send mass emails with little to no personalization. The difficulty of reaching the individuals targeted through their communication and engaging them in a sustainable manner convinced them to take the leap. Moreover, the choice naturally led to Actito, which has an office in Quebec City and hosts its data in Canada.


The solution Background

The solution

When Quebec International began their collaboration with Actito, their first action was to create an email template corresponding to their brand image. It was indeed necessary to clearly redefine the image of Quebec International in the mind of their customers and this was made possible by our user-friendly and fully customizable tool. Key performance indicators, such as the engagement score or the deliverability rate, made it possible to measure the effectiveness of the strategies put in place throughout their deployment for each of the defined target groups. -> For example, they were able to recreate a new automated welcome scenario. This scenario is triggered as soon as an individual subscribes to their newsletter, which can be done directly from the Quebec International website via an iFrame form that automatically enriches the Actito database.


The result Background

The result

Within a few months of working in their license and thanks to weekly meetings with their project manager, dedicated to their training in the platform and the implementation of strategies adapted to their needs, Quebec International was able to send their first email campaigns autonomously. They were also able to start enriching their database with precise and relevant data on their customers, which allow them to further refine the personalization of their content in their future campaigns. Still in the testing period, the next goal of Quebec International is to continue their exploration of the platform in order to promote their various tools, which can therefore be sent to the right person at the right time.

Discover the success story in video

Through the testimony of Diane Aertgeets and Marie-Pier Vallières, in charge of communication and marketing at Québec International. (Video in French)

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