The Red Cross Belgium

The Red Cross Belgium


The client Background

The client

Active for a long time and with more than 1,200 employees in Belgium and more than 11,000 volunteers, the Belgian Red Cross is a benchmark player in the field of humanitarian action and a customer who marks the minds of the very important values ​​that she wears. At the time, the Red Cross required structure among its data obtained via forms, donations of meaning collected on paper, everywhere. Its audience, made up of financial donors but not only, but also volunteers, partners, etc.


The goals Background

The goals

With an audience as large as that of the Belgian Red Cross, the objective was multiple. On the one hand, for financial donors, to be able to regularize and increase the amount of the donation. The main challenges were therefore: to put this data in order, activate it and support the Red Cross in this new adventure, thanks to the teams of Customer Success Managers.


Solutions Background


The Red Cross does not only ask for blood or financial donations, it also offers these audiences to participate in various ways. Implementing cross-sell practices therefore seemed essential. By starting to develop strategies, step by step, the Red Cross teams were able to feel truly accompanied and supported by Actito. Thanks to the CSM and PAM teams, both the strategic and implementation aspects are taken care of.


The Lockdown situation Background

The Lockdown situation

Obviously affected by the health crisis linked to covid19, the Red Cross had to react very quickly and be active. This communication reaction was broken down into numerous forms made available to audiences via campaigns but also on their other communication channels. Autonomous in the use of the Actito license, the Red Cross was still able to count on the support of its Actito team to quickly set up all these data collection initiatives (iframe forms, external automated response campaigns but also in internal, etc.)

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