[Replay Webinar] Summer '19 Release

Thanks to your feedback, your suggestions, your comments, we are each time able to improve the Actito platform and make it as user-friendly as possible to make your life easier.

[Replay Webinar] Summer '19 Release

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On the agenda: our brand-new digital engagement score, our Goal app and native integration with Qualifio.

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What's new?

During our releases, we offer 3 types of news: an improvement of an already existing application, a new application and to finish the highlighting of a partner.

How engaged is your audience? How engaged is your audience? Background

How engaged is your audience?

Understand your audience and benchmark yourself with our brand-new digital engagement score. ​​​​​​​Start acting on your most active and inactive audiences across all channels through personalized journeys.

Ready, set, goal! Ready, set, goal!  Background

Ready, set, goal!

Our Goal app has been completely revamped for improved user experience and integrates seamlessly with our Reporting app. Find out the real impact of your campaigns. You can't overlook it, it's loud and clear in your marketing danshboard.

Qualifio: back with a live demo Qualifio: back with a live demo Background

Qualifio: back with a live demo

Actito now natively integrates with Qualifio, the ever so popular platform for data collection and interactive marketing. Building and activating your customer base now happens in one place.

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