Success story: RTBF

How to personalize the relationship with your audience ? Keep it simple!

Success story: RTBF

RTBF: more than a broadcasting service...

Today, RTBF successfully operates 5 television channels and 10 radio stations. It also has an essential online presence via multiple web series, applications, etc. as well as a strong presence on all social networks. The challenge for an operator such as RTBF is to consolidate its online and broadcasted presence and bring its content to life in a constantly changing digitalized world. To help RTBF overcome these challenges with success, Actito actively takes part in its marketing development projects, closely supporting RTBF data and marketing teams.

For Activation Day 2022, Pierre Dubois, CRM Manager at RTBF and Samuel Profumo, Chief Data Officer at RTBF tell the story of the collaboration between Actito and RTBF, which allowed them to "create a relationship" with their audience.

RTBF: more than a broadcasting service...


The context Background

The context

The RTBF ecosystem is based on 3 important pillars:

1. Diversity and volume of content:

Today, the RTBF library includes 4 different types of content, all of substantial volumes:

  • 80K articles;

  • 105K videos;

  • 25K of audio;

  • 2K live;

2. Target audiences: The number of profiles that interact with the various RTBF content amounts to 4.3 million (in Single Authentication). Of these profiles, 60% are men and 40% are women.

3. The interactions generated by the audiences vis-à-vis the content: With such rich and diversified content and a large volume of registered profiles, the interactions generated are of a proportional order of magnitude. Indeed, video views are in hundreds of millions, and so is the consumption of articles. Furthermore, around 40 million e-mails from RTBF are opened every year.


The challenge Background

The challenge

The collaboration between Actito and RTBF began more than 18 years ago.

In 2004, the company's objectives were to maintain a newsletter-sending rate (6 per year) and to increase its opening and click rates. With both strategic and operational support from Actito, RTBF deployed an "e-mail marketing" program in 2019 with the ambition of activating its data and succeeding in matching the right content to the right audience segment. However, RTBF remains an autonomous public enterprise that is obligated to honour its pledge to both the government and the users as an actor of the public sector: intelligibility towards users on the one hand and respectability of government measures on the other.

Hence the company's desire to "remain simple" in the construction of algorithms and deployment of segmentation and targeting actions.

Succeeding in the bet of simplicity and transparency while activating its data inevitably involves precise management of the available media. Moreover, RTBF takes on the challenge of pre-constructing advanced segments and well-thought-out personalization scenarios for each of its segments.


The solution Background

The solution

The e-mail marketing program set up in 2019 experienced a strong acceleration in 2020 with the health crisis and the surge in interest for RTBF's content.

Considering the circumstances, with the help of Actito, RTBF has implemented a strategic plan for analyzing and observing the behaviour of its users using trackers: sites consulted, texts consulted, frequency, etc.

This data was coupled with opening and click statistics from past email campaigns, as well as contest participation data (thanks to a key Actito partner: Qualifio).

This data is then automatically uploaded in Actito to grant the user an overall view of content consumption and buyer personas at the origin of interactions by content type.


The results Background

The results

Since the start of the collaboration between Actito and RTBF, the latter has seen the performance of its marketing actions increase exponentially:

- 40 million emails opened each year;

- Open rates of more than between 35% and 40%;

- 500 million views on RTBF videos;

- More than 500 million readings of RTBF articles;

These figures are the ultimate proof that content is only suitable if it is intended for the right person, which is the key to successful personalization.