Success Story : Selency

Discover how Selency increased its conversion and repeat rates with Actito.

Success Story :  Selency


The client Background

The client

Selency, formerly Brocante Lab, was launched in September 2014 by two second-hand furniture and decoration enthusiasts. This marketplace is the first online flea market to offer vintage furniture, Scandinavian style pieces and second hand decor sourced by professional dealers. Clients have 250,000 unique pieces to choose from on Selency which strives to offer qualitative deals in a secure environment. Figures speak for themselves: 2.5+ million visits per month, 40,000+ sellers, 1,500+ new items per day and above all 100% growth in 2020!


The context Background

The context

How can such a growth be explained in a year that was plagued by the health crisis? There are several reasons: a large-scale acquisition campaign (TV advert), an awareness of second-hand goods and an unprecedented lockdown that has made the French aware of their home decoration, but also the implementation of scenarios in Actito that have made it possible to achieve these remarkable results.


The challenges Background

The challenges

Selency has several challenges because it has 2 audiences: sellers and buyers. Selency used the AARRR framework to identify the 5 stages that make up the seller/buyer life cycle. It's a data analysis framework that helps companies grow more revenue. AARRR stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Recommendation and Revenue.


The Solution Background

The Solution

Actito is currently involved in 2 stages of this AARRR framework: activation - getting visitors who have shown some interest to convert and retention for the two audiences: on the one hand buyers who have made a first conversion, to come back and buy again and sellers on the other hand, who have sold before to put items back on sale.


The goals Background

The goals

On the buyers' side, Selency has found that its visitors spend a lot of time in session before converting and that many use the wishlist feature. Therefore, the objective is to make them convert more quickly.

On the sellers' side, many stop listing products on the marketplace after a while. Yet the number of item listings is key to Selency's growth. Objective here is to encourage sellers, and particularly professionals, to put more products on sale.


The results Background

The results

The "Price reduction on wishlisted products" scenario generates €30,000/month in incremental sales

The scenario "Incentive to second sale" brings in +3.5% of new sales

Overall, all the programmes implemented in Actito generate between 5 and 10% incremental sales.

The activation strategy has increased conversion rates and therefore reduced customer acquisition costs. The retention strategy, on the other hand, has resulted in a higher repeat rate and therefore an increase in Life Time Value. As a result, acquired customers bring more value overall. The result is an increase in marketing budgets to spend more on new acquisition.

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Through Olivier Jasmin testimony, Head of Growth at Selency

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