Success Story

Success Story : Solidarités International

The right combination of telemarketing and email to recruit new donors.

Success Story : Solidarités International




The humanitarian aid association Solidarités International is involved in the field during conflicts and natural disasters in order to help the victims. With more than 3.8 million people rescued around the world, the NGO launches daily appeals for donations to continue its missions around the world.


THE CONTEXT Background


Donor requests were more and more numerous, and the association had to face the arrival of new competitors. Another major problem is the explosion of channels to communicate with and recruit donors, which has created more complexity, less control and more outsourcing. Indeed, it has never been so difficult to build a lasting relationship between the general public and associations. To this has been added the multiplication of digital tools internally.




Collecting donations is a daily process, Solidarités International therefore sought to digitize and automate its processes for better efficiency.




In order to "market" a product that does not represent a basic need, NGOs must face a very different marketing approach. Faced with a proliferation of service providers and databases, as well as very varied data in terms of both quality and format, Solidarités International had to call on a solution capable of rationalizing and automating their use. This is why Solidarités International has chosen the iRaiser and Actito combination.

Actito, a marketing automation and database management platform, has therefore joined forces with its partner iRaiser, an online donation collection platform. By working hand in hand, Actito and iRaiser have set up a system to bring together all their communication tools: “when I joined Solidarités International in March 2016, many digital tools existed, making our multi-channel strategy too complex and poorly mastered. We therefore called on iRaiser and Actito to synchronize in real time and bring together all the communication tools that already exist, and to eliminate duplicates”, explains Anaïs Henry, Marketing Manager of Solidarités International.


THE RESULTS Background


Together, the iRaiser and Actito teams carried out a major clean-up and succeeded in coupling email marketing with telemarketing. Solidarités International is among the first in the charitable sector to achieve this.

Tailor-made training was also provided to the point of making the teams of the NGO completely autonomous. After several months of using Actito, the first assessment is positive for the NGO: “The platform, very intuitive, allows easy use, and a dedicated Actito contact is available to help us if necessary” - Anaïs Henry.

The "Wells for all" campaign, organized last March on the occasion of World Water Day, was an opportunity for the NGO to concretely test the benefits of the Actito platform. The general public was able to participate in this operation in 3 ways: by making a donation, by signing a petition or by subscribing to the newsletter.