Success Story : Supermarchés Match

In the competitive landscape of large-scale retail, digitalization and optimization of customer relations have become essential. Supermarchés MATCH, aware of these challenges, have strategically chosen to partner with Actito to strengthen their digital presence. Let's explore this fruitful collaboration together.

 Success Story : Supermarchés Match


The Client Background

The Client

Supermarchés MATCH is a large retail chain of the Belgian Louis Delhaize group. Historically active in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg, this brand specializes in fresh products, traditional butchery, and ecology.

Positioning itself as a neighborhood supermarket, it emphasizes quality and closeness to its customers. In France, the Supermarchés Match company operates 136 active establishments as of the end of 2019. Located north of Paris, they have about 115 stores and 43 million checkouts (+15% compared to 2020). Their slogan, "You have EVERYTHING to gain," reflects their commitment to offering the best to their customers.


The Context Background

The Context

With the rise of digital, Supermarchés MATCH felt the need to strengthen their digital strategy to remain competitive. Isis Kouakam and Olivier Tamik, respectively in charge of data studies and CRM and head of Digital Solutions, are the main players in this transformation.


The Challenges Background

The Challenges

In the competitive sector of large-scale retail, Supermarchés MATCH faces several major challenges. One of the main challenges lies in the need for close collaboration between IT and marketing teams. This collaboration is crucial to ensure effective communication and an optimal customer experience:

  • Alignment

    of marketing strategy, IT approach, and business objectives

  • Collaboration and


    to materialize the vision

  • Technical foundation

    to guarantee marketing projects and operations

Centralizing information is another major challenge. With a multitude of customer contact points and a variety of communication channels, it is essential to have a unified system to manage and analyze these interactions.


The Solution Background

The Solution

In response to the challenges and stakes mentioned earlier, Supermarchés MATCH chose Actito as the central solution to strengthen their digital strategy. Actito is much more than just a tool for Supermarchés MATCH. It is considered their main hub for customer interactions. In terms of concrete actions, several initiatives have been implemented thanks to Actito:

  • Qualification and Requalification Scenario:

    to complete, enrich, and update consumer data through the

    transactional goal module.

  • Satisfaction Surveys:

    With Actito, Supermarchés MATCH was able to launch targeted surveys to collect valuable feedback from their customers using the

    forms module


  • Customer Retention Scenario:

    With Actito, Supermarchés MATCH has set up specific


    scenarios for retaining customers, with or without



  • Regular Communication:

    Actito also facilitated regular communication with customers.

  • Dematerialization of Receipts:

    One of the major advancements in the collaboration with Actito was the implementation of the dematerialization of receipts and coupons.


The Results Background

The Results

The adoption of Actito by Supermarchés MATCH has led to impressive results, reflecting the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives and the power of the platform.

Thanks to the retention initiatives implemented with Actito, Supermarchés MATCH managed to keep 20% of their customers in their segment.

Regarding the dematerialization of receipts, a real-time and personalized campaign is sent to customers and records the following results:

  • 700,000 mailings per month

  • More than

    100 data transmitted via API

  • Open rate of


  • Reactivity rate of



Future Actions Background

Future Actions

Supermarchés MATCH, in partnership with Actito, has ambitious plans for the future to continue improving customer experience and strengthening their market position. Here are some of the concrete actions they are considering:

  • Personalization of Communications: Supermarchés MATCH plans to further personalize their emails and SMS (Incorporating scores and attributes into the HUB


  • Increasing the Number of Channels: Aiming to reach their customers where they are, Supermarchés MATCH is considering increasing the number of communication channels and interconnecting them.

  • Improving the Quality and Frequency of Updating Customer Data to have clean and fresh data.

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