Welcome to the fresh new face of Actito

Times change, but our core values remain the same

Welcome to the fresh new face of Actito

In 20 years we’ve grown from a small Belgian start-up to a global team of 200 marketing and software experts serving more than 800 brands across the world in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia. The acquisition of SmartFocus in June 2019 was the ideal opportunity to step back take a good look at how far we’ve come and how we express our unique proposition to marketers.

Dites bonjour à notre nouveau logo

Say hello to the new Actito logo

Dites bonjour à notre nouveau logo

Our super creative in-house design team has updated our logo, wordmark, typeface, colors and imagery – and we’ve evolved the name ‘ACTITO’ into the more understated ‘Actito’.

ACTITO was our way of getting our name out there loud and clear in a market dominated by goliaths. These days we don’t need to shout so much. The market knows what we stand for – bigger, more established, more confident, better equipped to support you locally and globally.

We represent lifetime value, trust and partnership for you and every single one of your customers. We’re the only European player in that market. And we’re proud what we’ve become and where we’re going.

The narrative behind our new identity

La petite histoire derrière notre nouvelle identité

Fresh, contemporary and dynamic. Our edgy new look and feel is an expression of confidence that Actito is powering real change in the way brands engage and interact with customers.

A is for Actito. The Actito ‘a’ is the dominant character, stylized as an upwardly mobile loop to represent evolution, agility and dynamic engagement.

Blue and green: uplifting, complementary colors which have defined our identity and branding since our launch in 2000.

Blue is for trust and confidence. Trust is a vital factor to sustain a long-lasting relationship with customers. Confidence gives you the reassurance that your business is in safe hands. With an average customer lifetime value of 7 years, we feel we have earned the right to use blue as our dominant color.

Green is for renewal and growth. It expresses the dynamics of customer lifetime value. Delivering more value to you. Every single day.

La petite histoire derrière notre nouvelle identité

Remaining true to our core values


Like you, Actito’s only ever had one goal in mind: to get customers to fall in love with your brand. It’s about activating what you have through a string of relevant and timely interactions that will build lifetime value into every customer relationship. That’s how you build a brand. That’s how you generate trust. That’s how you earn loyalty.

Our job?

To challenge you to question and learn what more you can do for your customers over the coming weeks, months, years. To keep pushing the boundaries of agile market activation. Our technology is simply there to make it all happen, super intuitively, super fast.

With the new website we wanted to make it very clear how this consistent human intervention throughout the customer journey makes us truly unique. We hope you like what you see. Don’t forget to give us your feedback to help us keep pushing ourselves to do better.

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