Ready to start with the Mobile Wallet?

Why should you add it to your marketing mix?

In transport, in queues, in supermarkets, at work ... The mobile is everywhere, like a natural extension of our arm. In 2020, 75% of French people have a smartphone, 77% of them connect to the Internet every day for an average time spent on mobile of 2h30 (cf. Ad4Screen white paper). With the health crisis and the demands of social distancing, contactless technology has gained further ground: higher ceilings, encouragement for the use of dematerialized cards, etc. Mobile uses have been all the more reinforced, micro-moments are many to exploit.

How to adapt the customer experience to these new consumption habits? Why is the Mobile Wallet THE must-have in order to develop customer relations?

=> Let's go back on the good practices detailed during our webinar with Captain Wallet. Our best good Reasons to include Mobile Wallet in your Marketing Activation strategy:

Ready to start with the Mobile Wallet?

#1 Because it's convenient

The Mobile Wallet is simple!

First, because it is a native application, pre-installed by Apple (Apple Wallet available on iOS) and easily downloadable from Google Play on Android (Google Pay).

Originally designed to facilitate contactless payment thanks to the digitization of credit cards, the Mobile Wallet now offers a wide range of possibilities. Loyalty cards, coupons, invitations, transport tickets, third-party payment cards, show tickets… All traditional print marketing media can be dematerialized. The Mobile Wallet is not limited to the loyalty program.

With just one click from their mobile, consumers can access the latest news from a brand, its loyalty benefits or its boarding passes. There is no risk of losing or forgetting your loyalty card, no annoyance associated with connecting to the customer account ... It's magic, we swear!

For marketers, this is a great opportunity to be present on their targets' phones on a daily basis. And it’s not complicated to set up! To install a card in the Wallet, the target simply has to click on the URL communicated by the brand (in a confirmation email, on a landing page, in an SMS, on a Social Media post, etc.) or to scan a Specific QR code (on a point of sale poster for example).

What about the GDPR? Don't worry: by adding your passes to their Mobile Wallet, your audience agrees to receive updates and push notifications related to these passes.

#1 Because it's convenient

#2 Because it's 100% customizable

The Mobile Wallet is an additional channel to enrich your marketing mix and optimize your chances of reaching your targets, engaging your audience. Coupled with a marketing activation solution like Actito, you can boost your customer relationship. This is how we operate with our partner Captain Wallet.

Actito allows you to access and use data to set up personalized communications scenarios that are triggered at key moments in customer journeys. Thanks to Actito, you are able to bring your cards and dematerialized offers on Wallet Mobile by offering content updates, personalizing passes (name, first name, design, conditions, number of points accumulated, etc.). By using geolocation and fine segmentation criteria, you adapt your pushes to the routes of your targets (proximity to a store, click on an email, etc.).

#2 Because it's 100% customizable

# 3 Because it is useful for all sectors

The Mobile Wallet can be applied to all sectors: catering, e-retail, tourism, health… To offer a better customer experience. Some tried and tested examples of Wallet use:

to gain repeat visits with offers. to gain repeat visits with offers. Background

to gain repeat visits with offers.

The idea is to get customers to come back to the point of sale, while working on brand awareness for the consumer. More specifically? Strategy implemented by Léon de Bruxelles with dematerialization of personalized offers (-15% on your next bill). Results: + 20% conversion at the restaurant, 90% retention rate.

to convert your social community, build a qualified audience without going through media buying. to convert your social community, build a qualified audience without going through media buying. Background

to convert your social community, build a qualified audience without going through media buying.

Clarins suggested that its audience add a "special Black Friday" promotion card to its Wallet, in Facebook posts, for example. Results? 41% installation rate, 92% retention rate.

 to sustainably maintain the customer relationship:  to sustainably maintain the customer relationship: Background

to sustainably maintain the customer relationship:

By sending personalized push notifications, you are able to communicate about your latest offers, your news, map updates ... So this is a great way to reactivate your inactive or dormant contacts!

 to animate your loyalty program.  to animate your loyalty program. Background

to animate your loyalty program.

The Wallet allows you to boost the average basket on promotional and loyalty offers. Synchronized with a solution like Actito, you can send notifications informing your target of their “loyalty points” capital… Our Etam client thus observed an 8.7% increase in the average web basket and + 32% in purchase frequency for walletized customers.

 to give access to your guests and customers:  to give access to your guests and customers: Background

to give access to your guests and customers:

this can be, for example, a dematerialization of your invitations, access badges. This is a recognized method for limiting no-show because it engages your targets. At Actito in 2019, we also proposed, thanks to our partner Captain Wallet, the digitalization of our invitation to our Yacht Party in Cannes.

 to make the customer's personal data constantly available:  to make the customer's personal data constantly available: Background

to make the customer's personal data constantly available:

This is very useful when thinking, for example, of the digitization of the third-party payment card. No need to think about putting your new card in your wallet, it is automatically updated in your wallet!

# 4 Because it pays off!

An Actito x Captain Wallet success story?

Actito worked with Captain Wallet to set up DCM Jennyfer's marketing strategy. DCM Jennyfer has notably succeeded in strengthening ties with its entire database, without an application! Via an email campaign sent from Actito, DCM Jennyfer offers its audience to dematerialize their personalized card and add it to the Wallet. The brand was then able to observe that its walletized customers brought in + 45% of turnover compared to non-walletized customers. Similarly, walletized customers have a repeat purchase of over 63% compared to non-walletized customers.

Another significant interest is that DCM Jennyfer was able to use Actito to conduct its inactive reactivation campaigns via the Wallet. Concretely ? The recurrence of purchase of inactive has multiplied by 4, the turnover of inactive walletized customers is multiplied by 2.5 compared to inactive non-walletized customers.

DCM Jennyfer has also expanded its database through seamless recruiting. From the point of sale, customers can scan the QR code of a "Join the Jenny Squad on your mobile" sticker and then access a personalized card. In numbers ? + 80% installation rate and a retention rate of 94%.

Finally, our client was also able to convert her social community to the Wallet. Without going through media buyout, DCM Jennyfer obtains a qualified audience. From an Instagram post, their audience can fill out a card creation form and then activate it on their Wallet. The results? Between 25-50% installation rate, + 90% retention rate.

 An Actito x Captain Wallet success story?

#5 Because it's the future!

Kiss Cool effect: adopting the Wallet is as good for your marketing as it is for the environment. Dematerialization means no paper, no paper, no print pollution, no print pollution, no plastic, no plastic… but it's a hit! Customers and prospects have access to their coupons, passes, directly from their phone, even without an Internet connection.

Another important thing: in this covid-19 crisis, social distances and health security measures are paramount, contactless is not about to lose ground, quite the contrary! Raised bank ceilings, dematerialization of offers ... This is how the Cora brand has focused its communication on contactless, by encouraging its customers to also add their loyalty card to the Wallet to adapt effectively to the health context. Likewise, Intersport has stepped up its communications for Click and Collect (via personalized withdrawal coupon) which allows customers to simply access the collection of their reserved order. Results? + 70% installation rate and -3% churn rate.

A trend that is therefore taking hold in our consumption habits ...

 #5 Because it's the future!

Eager to know more?

You read our Top 5 until here but you want to know more? The replay of our webinar with Captain Wallet is available! Find out in less than an hour how to put the keys to customer relations in your pocket!