13 exercises on marketing activation!

The essential to question your strategy

Marketing activation helps you carry out multichannel operational marketing actions to engage consumers/potential clients toward a client relationship/sales. Using marketing activation, a marketer is able to go looking for their target and play a decisive role during key moments of the client journey.If the result is attractive, it requires real upstream thinking. This booklet with 13 exercises will help you ask the right questions in order to take the right action and to be able to activate your data, clients and brand.

13 exercises on marketing activation!

Question your marketing activation strategy

- 5 exercises to start the engine: involve your teams, adopt a common vocabulary, define your personas, map the customer journey, share with the teams!

-5 exercises to take the lead: determine your SMART objectives, draw up your agile roadmap, audit your data, think about your messages and their content, choose your automation solution !

- 3 exercises to activate your automation strategy: script the activation, manage your campaigns, test / learn / improve!