Agitators of email marketing expertise

Badsender is a group of email marketing and eCRM enthusiasts whose leitmotiv is to share their expertise, knowledge, thoughts and findings on key emailing topics Our goal ? To work with you to lay the foundations for your email marketing and eCRM operations to take off !

Agitators of email marketing expertise


STRATEGY: Whether you want to review your eCRM and email marketing strategy, automate your campaigns or define which eCRM tools correspond to your needs, we support you in the form of audits and coaching missions.

DESIGN: we design your messages, from writing to HTML coding and design. We also accompany you in the industrailization and your email design system.

DELIVERY: we help you get your messages to the right place ! Our deliverability audits will allow you start with good practices. Our deliverability monitoring will allow you to monitor and anticipate future deliverability incidents.

ORCHESTRATION: we put your eCRM campaigns to music. This includes full service management of your campaigns, analysis and processing of your data, marketing automation and the design of reports and dashboards.

Le Patron : an email builder directly connected to Actito!

If your brand feels a strong need for industrialization and standardization, if your various subsidiaries wish to keep their creative autonomy, or if you need to personalize your emails up to the width of the margin, etc. an e-mail builder like Le Patron can be very useful.

Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!



Be able to build quality emails without prior knowledge of HTML for email.

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