The european flexible crm

Efficy, is a CRM pure player at the optimal TCO. Our mission is to help each company succeed by helping it to transform its customer data into customer knowledge, while simplifying the work of its employees. Efficy CRM has more than 185,000 users in some 4,500 companies around the world.

The european flexible crm


Our CRM solutions are the most flexible on the market. They are open and customizable, thus you can make significant changes to the different modules which comprise the software suite. To help you with these configurations and customizations, our expert teams are at your service.

We adapt your CRM solution to your organization, your processes, your teams, events, projects, your sales structure, your customer support, help desk system…

Efficy enhances productivity of your teams by providing a range of tools: customer database, business activity monitoring, opportunities, portfolio of offers… Whether in the office or in the field, your sales representatives have a 360° view of their customers and prospects and their proposals. They’ll also be able to segment their database to launch multi-channel marketing actions.

CRM solution: the cornerstone of your business activity

360° customer view 360° customer view Background

360° customer view

Customers & prospects contact the company via various channels, talk to different people. With a 360° customer view, all this information is centralised in one place,so everyone can have a comprehensive and unified view of the Customer Relationship.

Project Management Project Management Background

Project Management

Project Management involves managing resources, tasks, budgets and schedules. At Efficy we believe it is important to support our customers every step of the way, so we decided to integrate Project Management features into our CRM solution.

Opportunity tracking Opportunity tracking Background

Opportunity tracking

From the moment a prospect is identified, the CRM enables you to determine its needs, build the offer accordingly, define the elements of the project (steps of the sales cycle, identify key stakeholders…) and manage the process all the way through to signing the deal.



Document management, like Customer Relationship Management, is a sensitive matter for businesses, whatever sector in which they operate. With our solutions, your documents will be centralised & accessible by all or only by those to whom you decide to accord access rights.

Reporting: KPIs for everyone Reporting: KPIs for everyone Background

Reporting: KPIs for everyone

All the data of the CRM can be cross-referenced so as to offer synthetic representations both for users of the CRM and their managers. The data generated can subsequently be exported to Excel or PPT to be used in other contexts: presentations, email, data in a spreadsheet…

Document templates Document templates Background

Document templates

For a company and its image, it is important that all the documents follow the same graphic charter. With Efficy’s CRM solutions, document templates are easy to share and implement.

Integrate Marketing Automation with our CRM

We are really happy to be able to work with Actito thanks to an simple Marketing Connector that allow our customers to easily use their client data to automate their marketing actions. This is a strong competitive advantage for our clients and for Actito’s clients.

Today, clients and consumers expect brands to offer them a privileged relationship. They want the right information at the right time. This partnership enables you to offer the appropriate response to each individual customer.

Integrate Marketing Automation with our CRM