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Our business partners

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Achieve your objectives in terms of growth, loyalty, customer engagement and more! Share your challenges with us, we can help you find the perfect business partner.

Whether you need someone for the design or the development of your campaigns, the implementation or the activation of a CDP or are looking for the best strategies and tools.

Together with our partners we will make sure that you are at the top of your game:


Acemis is a consulting and training company specializing in transformation through customer experience. “We need to get everything on the rails again to ensure that the customer experience is no longer the consequence but the driving force behind the organization. First you must decide what you want your customers to experience. Then you need to align the internal company processes, the procedures, the information systems, the KPIs, the skills and management.”


Add Retail is a 100% retail agency. It can assist you at different levels: brand strategies, data interpretation, CRM, activations, community building, construction of e-shops, production of brochures, magazines, communication for points of sale and digital media…


Ariane Consulting is a dynamic team of experienced marketing consultants for small and medium-sized businesses and is based in Louvain-la-Neuve. They’re the people to call if you need a helping hand, a marketing director for a specific project, or just the time to get started!


Avanci is an expert in Data Marketing and CRM strategies, helping you to unleash the power of all the customer data you have by converging online and offline data as well as all the traces left across different channels.


The digital marketing consults of the Avent Group combine performance and creativity to provide you with pragmatic omnichannel solutions that put data at the heart of the customer experience.


Bad sender, agitators of emailing and eCRM expertise. They are the people you need by your side, providing support on key emailing topics like deliverability, design, HTML integration, emailing strategy. They also have their own email builder : Le Patron.


Bertie Bosredon has already helped more than 100 international NGOs with their digital projects: digital transformation programs, engagement strategy, online fundraising, performance evaluation (culture, people, technology), governance and processes, training and mentoring, emerging technology and pilot projects… He has over 25 years of experience in digital communication and 20 years of experience in not-for-profit.


Boondoggle is an award-winning creative agency based in Leuven, Belgium. They believe in the power of creativity, technology and collaboration to create meaningful experiences for people. Their work has been featured in publications such as The Drum, Adweek, and Campaign and they have won numerous awards, including the Eurobest Grand Prix for Innovation. Boondoggle is a dynamic and innovative agency that is always pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. They are passionate about making ideas that matter and they are committed to creating meaningful brand experiences.


They call themselves ‘The Disruptive Company’, but Brand Advocate is actually a group of multidisciplinary Customer Experience experts, organized in two complementary business units. BA Consulting and BA Agency rely on a network of ‘vertical’ and specialized outsourced partners to help brands rise to their challenge to ‘Self-Disrupt or Die!’.


Cartelis is a data & CRM operational consulting firm, helping companies to improve their marketing ROI and customer experience. Their clients rely on them for the design and implementation of martech solutions and make the link between the data analysis and the operational exploitation of data.


Colombus Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in the transformation of organizations facing major challenges. With offices in France and Switzerland, Columbus helps large companies and organizations to innovate and reinvent themselves by decrypting the changes in their environment. They deliver solutions that drive true value, integrating benchmarks from projects in more than 25 countries.


Comark is a marketing technology agency. Comark can assist you at every level, offering strategic advice as well as operational support, and expertise in integrations. Their knowledge of the marketing and IT world allows them to bridge the gap between your marketing requirements and your tech objectives.


Specialized in subscription business models. CustUp structures and implements the Customer Marketing and dialogs of companies, relying on their expertise in CRM, Marketing Automation and Contact Centers. They also organize the collection and use of Customer Data: the fuel of customer relationship management in distance selling.


DEA.Amsterdam is a digital engagement agency offering a blend of services that enable you to develop a lasting relationship with your customers: digital marketing – SEA – Social networks – email marketing. DEA.Amsterdam was founded in 2017 and is an independent subsidiary of Ematters BV. The agency works for leading international brands across all industries.


DEGETEL is a digital agency and a digital services consultancy. One of the first players in the market, Degetel has gradually extended its service offering since its inception more than 15 years ago. The agency provides a global response to its clients, advising them on anything from digital transformation to the implementation of concrete solutions.


Digital Group specializes in digital marketing and media. As consultants for their clients, they work on each of the elements necessary to achieve the objectives of their clients, whatever they may be (Sales, Branding, Traffic, Subscribers). SEO & SEM, Display & RTB, Social Media & Influencers, Affiliation, Branded Content, Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing, Ecommerce & Marketplaces, Offline Media, advertising, creativity.


Digital one to one is a digital agency based in La Réunion. For over 10 years, they have enabled customers to tap into their data to maximize their online impact. They define a CRM and digital marketing strategy. They create your sites, applications and digital media, enabling you to put the customer experience at the center of your brand. They also excel at defining customer journeys and implementing global communication campaigns. They can also assist you with your loyalty strategy.

100% EMAIL

100% Email is a Dutch agency, specializing in email and personalized experiences. From strategy to the usability of marketing tools and campaign management tools. A results-driven agency, they are passionate about email and happy to assist you every step of the way with your campaigns and marketing automation.


Emakina is a group of agencies in 15 countries that will help you gain a good insight into your user, which you can then use to develop powerful strategies and relevant experiences. Their premise? ‘If you are not an experience, you are no longer a brand’. They can assist you with anything from a website or an app to content production, offering strategic support or helping you manage marketing campaigns.


Ematters is an agency specializing in real-time marketing. Using search engines, email marketing and the power of data, Ematters aims to empower every brand, building stronger customer relationships through personalized interactions at just the right time.


Foxmango is a brand activation company, connecting brands with their customers using the power of social media and winning customer experiences strategies. They are the champions of activation at the business level in the animal industry, but their strategic and operational support has also proven successful in other industries.


Groupe Cyllene is a group of experts in all aspects of digital, who love a good challenge and like to do things the right way. As a digital transformation operator (digital solutions, data, web marketing, Cloud…), Cyllene can tap into a pool of talented people, who are able to innovate constantly, exploiting the full potential of digital technologies. Its rapid expansion means it can now offer its services around the world for many years to come.


Havas Media, specializing in investment in the all the right media! They know where to find the most meaningful media using their unique Mx system. Their mission: to build a media experience that connects the client with their target audience – in the context of where they are, through the content that they pay attention to. They believe that meaningful media can help build more meaningful brands.


HUMAN 37 is a team of dynamic and passionate young people, based in Brussels, whose mission is to help companies define, build and implement their data strategy, always putting their customer first.

More specifically they can assist you on two levels: the definition and implementation of a customer data infrastructure and a Martech stack to grow your business and optimize the customer experience.


Kestio helps SMEs improve their sales and marketing performances by designing and implementing strategies for them that are just as effective as those of the leaders in their respective industries. After having provided consultancy services to major groups such as Air France, Gemalto, Honda, and Lagardère for over 20 years, Fabien Comtet now offers his 360-degree sales coaching solution in an adapted version that is tailored to VSEs and SMEs.


Hadi Kamouh of K-Expertise offers strategic on-site support for the duration of your marketing project. Hadi has extensive experience having worked as a sales and marketing director: FMCG (L’Oréal), Luxury (LVMH/Dior), Travel (Club Med), Banking and finance (Degroof Petercam) and is happy to help you develop your business regardless of the industry you operate in.


Laurence Wilmet of KINGCUSTOMER is your personal Customer Engagement Maker. With more than 20 years of experience working for such brands as Wanadoo, Orange, and Worldline, her workshops will help you define the right strategy for your business in complex and multi-channel environments.


Out of drive, ambition and always the intention to learn more, Andreas Pohan Simandjuntak decided to found Kotak Marketing in 2020. "Smarter Together" is what he - and now the entire Kotak team - is all about. Gathering and sharing knowledge, among themselves and with their clients. Because why would they want to keep all this know-how to themselves if they can also use it to make someone else better? Everyone in this agency gets the chance to develop, including you as a client. With this, they want to take marketing consultancy to the next level, combining their database marketing knowledge with campaign development. They use the knowledge they acquire to achieve your marketing goals. And so, they gladly transfer it to you, because in the end, you and your colleagues are the ones who have to do it. By working smarter together, you will get the most out of your marketing (and) data.


For more than 20 years, Ivo and Oane have known each other. And for more than 20 years they have talked to each other about entrepreneurship and projects for clients. In 2018, all these experiences came together on the back of a beer mat. The idea became a plan. The plan became a venture with a moonshot. To support and guide more than 100 SMEs in their mission in 10 years' time. So don't bullshit but polish. 3....2....1....Kranz Collins. At Kranz Collins, they work from "Mission" to "Execution". To achieve missions, you must roll up your sleeves. That starts with gathering the right people and skills. Because ultimately, they make the difference. Doing, measuring, interpreting, and adjusting where necessary. So that in the end we can say "Mission accomplished".


Derya Akay of Mailprod has been working as a freelance emailing specialist for over 10 years. He now devotes most of his time to creating/sending emailings and newsletters. His goal? To meet your needs in terms of technical integration, deliverability and design, right up to the sending of your email campaign.


Majelice is an expert digital agency specializing in email marketing. They help their clients with their digital transformation implementing e-marketing operations (email and SMS). They can assist you with anything from the implementation of a simple newsletter, a loyalty scenario, or the implementation of a complex multichannel recruitment mechanism. Majelice provides an agile response to the requests of its clients: development of an adapted strategy – original creations and HTML integrations – creation of forms and landing pages – database management – email and SMS routing – performance analysis and advice – deliverability management – marketing automation.


Geneva-based Mavericx is a consulting company that can provide support on such topics as consumer experience (implementation of a CRM, infrastructure and omnichannel customer journey), digital experience (web, mobile, eCommerce, Data Science and so on) as well as with the Cloud experience.


Mazarine is a creative and technological agency, specializing in art, culture and luxury. It designs and implements strategies for continuous performance improvement: ecosystem diagnosis, optimization of technical and data infrastructure, advice on experience and content design, CRM and marketing automation systems, and traffic acquisition strategies.

Meet Your People is a Paris-based team of independent CRM consultants. Their mission is to advise and support companies in the implementation of an ethical, responsible and efficient CRM. Their goal? To allow you to maintain a lasting relationship with your customers.


Meteors was born from a passion for marketing and technology. The agency is specialized in CRM, building and implementing customer-centric solutions. Meteors has developed an innovative multichannel approach, harnessing the full potential of new technologies. Their mission? To convert your data assets into efficient and measurable actions while guaranteeing the protection of your customer data.


The performance-oriented experts at NETLY use all marketing techniques, media and digital channels to achieve your objectives: Generate quality traffic – Retain the loyalty of your visitors and customers – Build your community – Increase your notoriety – Promote your products and services – Detect new digital trends – Acquire new customers – Improve your conversion rates – Stand out from the competition.


An expert in email marketing and CRM, Olivier Merz now puts his technical and marketing knowledge at your service. Having previously worked for such reputable companies as La Redoute, Tape à l’œil and Thomas Cook, Olivier will help you optimize your email campaigns, choose a new platform and take care of the migration. He can also help you improve the quality of your recruitment or loyalty program, audit and optimize your strategy, or deliverability and even manage your projects while elevating your teams’ skills.


Opal Consulting offers operational consulting services as well as project management assistance, from the definition of the vision on your Customer Relationship, the prioritization of your projects and their implementation and deployment.


Semactic is a SEO software company that helps its clients rank high on Google and reach their target audiences. The company's software platform provides users with recommendations and continuous impact measurement, so they can effectively optimize their websites, create highly visible content, and increase both web traffic and conversion rates. Semactic also offers expert guidance to help clients implement the best SEO practices. Their mission is to empower their clients with cutting-edge tactics, demystify trends, and promote SEO self-reliance by breaking the gap between strategy and action. Semactic is headquartered in Nivelles, Belgium, and has clients in over 20 countries. The company is committed to providing its clients with the best possible SEO services, and is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.


Sempaï is a platform that makes it easier for companies to find the best SaaS solutions. Sempaï also provides strategic and operational support. David Nget is happy to put his experience to work to meet companies’ needs.


SQLI is a European digital services group of creative and technical experts who are happy to recommend the best technological solutions to their clients. Providing unique and engaging experiences to brand users/customers is their top priority!

Stratello customer experience consulting assists you with the definition and implementation of your customer strategy. Setting customer-oriented objectives, offering fluid and value-creating customer journeys, managing activities based on the analysis of customer data and buyer personas and putting the organization at the customer’s service.


Techonomy helps organizations find new customer opportunities with the right marketing technologies, allowing them to create an environment in which creation, content, experiences and data intelligence are linked. They guide you towards clear strategic choices, promoting cohesion between your data, your infrastructure and your campaigns and providing support at the strategic and operational level.


The Other store is the key partner for your e-commerce strategy. In addition to being a partner of Actito, they know Shopify better than anyone else, providing support at every stage of your growth: whether in terms of the evolution of your model, building an acquisition strategy or increasing customer loyalty.


At The Valley they offer growth through customer experience to their clients. The objective their clients want to attain is always leading. To secure ROI, loyalty, and business growth, The Valley delivers end-to-end solutions based on their CX framework. Their second nature is an integrated way of working that creates solid synergy between branding, user experience and customer service in any customer journey. Another aim at The Valley is to guide their clients with the goal to unify their customer experience. They deliver consultancy and agency services with a focus on execution power and makership. Their design approach helps aligning products and services into a unified customer experience framework, that will shape efficiency, grow the business and customer satisfaction.


At Universem their expertise is a combination of strategy and customer intelligence. They bridge your strategy with your digital marketing plan by asking simple questions such as who is my target audience? What media do they use? How can I access and engage them? Their consultants associate the latest technologies and your own corporate vision to devise efficient strategies and tactics that are perfectly in line with your customers' and your prospects' expectations. And when it comes to customer intelligence they will determine with you the metrics that define your customers' behaviour and find out how they can measure the profitability of your marketing action. Their Analytics experts design dashboards that will help you coordinate your marketing and create personalised customer journeys to optimise your conversion rate.

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We organize various workshops for marketing professionals together with our partners. Join us, pitch your ideas and take advantage of the collective intelligence of the participants in our fun, pragmatic boostcamps.

Discover our #ACTITO Boostcamp during which twenty marketing professionals are able to build and challenge their strategies as for example: reactive inactive customers.

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Join our Boostcamps, become marketing activation champions!