Increase the LTV* of your customers through hyper-personalisation of your email campaigns

Adopting a strategy of hyper-personalised emails is committing to building durable and profitable customer relationships. By placing your customers at the heart of your marketing, you enhance their engagement, loyalty, and conversions.

Investing in this approach means recognizing the unique value of each customer by precisely meeting their expectations for a memorable experience.

*Lifetime Value

Increase the LTV* of your customers through hyper-personalisation of your email campaigns

Send hyper-personalised emails to your customers

In a world where consumer attention is more contested than ever, hyper-personalisation of emails becomes the essential solution to make a difference.

Leverage the full power of the Actito data model to send your customers relevant messages that resonate on a personal level, based on:

  • Their transactional data

  • Their responses to forms

  • Socio-demographic data

  • Their individual preferences


Your Customers Crave More Than Generic Emails: They Expect Personalised and Relevant Emails from You.

Our different types of e-mails

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Send your messages at the perfect moment, reaching a broad audience while treating each one as if they were unique. Be relevant to your audience with conditional blocks, tailored product recommendations, socio-demographic data, and personal preferences. With Actito, transform every campaign into a custom-made experience for your recipients.

Transactional E-mail

Transactional E-mail

Reassure your customers with emails that confirm in real time their actions such as a purchase or registration for one of your events, ... Now, imagine being able to create them directly through your customer activation platform. Actito frees you from technical constraints and offers you the ability to create and manage your transactional emails autonomously. This integrated approach guarantees you a 360-degree view of all customer interactions.

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Scripted E-mail

Scripted E-mail

Strengthen the bond with your customers through emails automatically triggered by an action. Actito allows you to send content that is perfectly suited to their stage of contemplation, enhancing their customer experience. Each email becomes an opportunity for personalised engagement, aligned with the specific behaviour and needs of your clients.

Don't take our word for it

"We appreciate how simple it is to create targeting, how quickly campaigns can be set up, and how easy it is to adapt templates without having any prior knowledge of HTML.". - Kara S.

Turn your ideas into emails

No matter your creative approach, Actito's email editor is designed to adapt to your workflow, offering both flexibility and powerful design capabilities. Our mission is to provide you with the necessary tools to bring your greatest ideas to life.

Key Features for Unlimited Creation:

  • Drag & Drop: Simplify the assembly of your emails.

  • Block Library: Diversify your emails with ready-to-use elements.

  • DAM Connector: Find all your assets in one click.

  • RSS Feeds: Energise your emails with automatic updates.

  • Multilingual Editor: Reach a multilingual audience.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Do not leave important details for your business to chance.

  • Say goodbye to generic addresses: With Actito, each campaign can have its own unique sender and return address.

  • Organise to better analyse: Group your emails by common goals into campaign groups. The result? Comprehensive reports that enlighten your strategy.

  • Let Actito's AI optimise your sendings: It ranks your contacts by engagement score, favoring the most receptive ones. Your deliverability is enhanced, making your campaigns more effective.