Customer data at the heart of your campaigns

Personalisation is only as strong as the data it was built upon. The more you know the information you have at your disposal, the bigger the impact your campaigns will have. Where many tools struggle to simplify complex data infrastructures, Actito can pride itself in making any type of data accessible to non-technical marketers. It's time to break some data silos and build your own 360° customer view.

Customer data at the heart of your campaigns

A data model that fits your customers

Ready to get rid of numerous lists, duplicate profiles and limited interaction history? It's every marketer's dream to have all relevant customer data in one place, with a 360° view on customers, their actions and interactions. With Actito, you bring out the power of every data source for profound opt-in management, segmentation, personalization and activation. It packs the power of an enterprise data model and the intuitiveness of… well, something very intuitive.

Still working with a monotable solution? Allow us to show you how to step up your game with a relational data model.

Fully configurable data model Fully configurable data model Background

Fully configurable data model

Expand your data model to capture new customer data. Code your own, or use the templates available to increase your personalisation opportunities. Keep tabs on every purchase, booking, abandoned basket,... your audience makes.

DataMart Studio DataMart Studio Background

DataMart Studio

A visual map of all data you have at your disposal. Discover campaign data, interactions, segmentations, opt-ins and other valuable information, all revolving around your customer and ready for personalisation.

The full story The full story Background

The full story

A relational data model allows you to keep track of all interactions you have with your customers. Rather than making compromises to store only the most recent meaningful touchpoint, you can focus on the entire customer lifecycle to prove to your customers that you are worthy of their loyalty.

Turn GDPR into your strength

Being Europeans ourselves, we've learned what GDPR really is about and how it can be used to your advantage. Your DPO will be tremendously grateful when you show Actito's compliance to the most crucial GDPR practises, such as data portability, data minimisation and the right to be forgotten. Your customers will thank you for it too: their data will be stored in European data centers, away from prying eyes.

Turn GDPR into your strength

Need a GDPR recap?

Pinpoint your perfect audience quick and easy

There are tons of companies that can promise you centralized databases, sure. There will be very few, however, that can provide you the autonomy that comes with Actito. You won't have to learn SQL or train for days to target the right audience. Even better: you'll be able to build automated segmentations and create test groups all by yourself. It opens up way more time for you to spend on the quality of your messages.

Pinpoint your perfect audience quick and easy

Intuitive targeting Intuitive targeting Background

Intuitive targeting

Find that one perfect target audience in a database where millions of data lines collide. Actito's no-code interface helps you to build complex queries that could even make IT people sweat. We made sure you get a servo steering wheel to navigate swiftly through your data landscape.

Dynamic segmentation Dynamic segmentation Background

Dynamic segmentation

Identify key customers and how their behavior changes over time using Actito's segments. They are your ears to constantly listen to your data and proactively engage with customer that are likely to churn or become an ambassador.

Test groups Test groups Background

Test groups

Feeling unsure about that big campaign you're about to send out? Create a test group that hosts different sorts of customers to see what their message will look like and how big the risk is of ending up in their spam box.

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