Make customer activation actionable

Using Actito's reporting, you have a clear view on what performs and what doesn't. It allows you to be agile, to enter in a test-learn-iterate mode that generates ROI fast and efficiently.

The most powerful customer journeys are those that have undergone multiple improvements. Automation doesn't mean that the job is done in just one try. Customer behavior changes, society changes and unforeseen circumstances might require you to be quick on your feet.

Make customer activation actionable

Your marketing automation health: the Actito marketing dashboard

The dashboard is there to help you improve every day. It gives you the core metrics to determine the most urgent actions to take. Monitor database evolution and opt-ins, next to the overall customer engagement score and recent campaign results.

The number of scenario executions will tell you exactly how many times you engaged a conversation with a customer. This way, you can detect any drop or rise in customer activity and respond timely and accordingly. You'll know in a glimpse whether you're driving too fast or too slow.

Your marketing automation health: the Actito marketing dashboard

Analysis becomes second nature

Advanced filters Advanced filters Background

Advanced filters

Different personas can react differently to your messages. Filter your reportings per segment and/or opt-in in order to optimise your messages for every audience you are engaging with. You can filter on recent subscribers and learn how to get them to the same level as your most valuable audience. Find your perfect customers in Actito and discover what makes them tick.

Fine tune every channel Fine tune every channel Background

Fine tune every channel

Master every channel and discover what personalisations maximise their impact across different audiences. All channels come with visual and actionable campaign reporting to help you pinpoint what works and what doesn't. Keep track of channel-specific metrics, such as email deliverability, form participations and website interactions, be it individually or grouped.

Export your findings Export your findings Background

Export your findings

Data needs to be crunched, compared and extended with other findings. Export your data from Actito with a click of a button, so that it can be shared easily with colleagues, management or external dashboarding tools.

Evolve to marketing intelligence

Your campaigns have a bigger impact than most people might think. Every conversion can trickle down across various departments, locations,... A view on the full reach of your efforts can help you unearth new opportunities others would miss.

Build your own advanced dashboards in Actito to leverage geo-reporting, revenue streams, demographics,... This is how to make sure marketing becomes a profit center, with hard evidence to prove the results.

Evolve to marketing intelligence

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