In-App Messages : Transform Every Interaction into a Unique Experience

Captivating and personalized, in-app messages are key to engaging and retaining users within your application. They offer a tailored experience, adapting to each user's preferences and needs. When deployed judiciously, they transform every interaction into an opportunity to increase customer engagement and long-term value.

In-App Messages : Transform Every Interaction into a Unique Experience

Capture, Personalize, Engage

Deploy in-app messages to instantly capture your users' attention. With just a few clicks, personalize your messages, adapt them according to the context, and effectively reach each audience segment with the right action.

Imagine you want to launch a targeted promotional campaign for the new summer collection. With Actito, create an in-app message. Customize it to display to users of your application as soon as they browse similar products. This message includes a call to action with a special offer, "20% off our new summer collection". Take it a step further by integrating a stunning image of the products and an "Buy Now" button. And all of this generates traffic to the offer page and turns into sales. This message is deployed at the moment when the user shows interest in similar products.

Interactions in Perfect Harmony with the User Experience

Seamlessly harmonize interactions with your users' experience through in-app messages. Judiciously integrated into the user journey, they prove relevant and are welcomed with interest. These messages stimulate active use of your application, paving the way for new discoveries and targeted actions.

  • Welcome and guide new users to facilitate their first experience.

  • Communicate updates to maintain interest and engagement.

  • Encourage application updates to ensure an optimal experience.

  • Unveil new features to enrich usage.

  • Offer exclusive experiences, such as access to private sales or webinars reserved for the most engaged users.

  • Solicit and value customer feedback for continuous improvement of the application.

Each message is an opportunity to deepen engagement, personalize the experience, and enhance every moment spent in your application.

Variety of styles, Ease of use

In-app messages, with their variety of styles, seamlessly integrate with your application's visual design. Choose from our three options (Banner, Card, or Full Screen) to deliver rich and precise content. The most impressive part? No coding is required for their implementation; they are ready to use.

The Art of Precision

In-app messages offer you a wide range of options to target your messages based on:

  • Demographic preferences

  • Location

  • Individual preferences

  • Online behaviors

  • Information from other sources

We equip you to launch campaigns to highly precise user groups with content they can identify with.

Campaigns That Speak to Everyone

Propel your notifications to borderless personalization, supporting all languages of your target audience. In a single campaign, Actito allows you to localize not only your text but also your visuals and actions, thus offering a tailored experience that goes far beyond simple translations. Create messages that truly resonate with each language, ensuring effective and personalized communication at every point of contact.

Measure and Improve the Impact of Your Campaigns

Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns at a glance by comparing the performance of your messages. Identify the most effective content and notifications that capture the most attention and generate actions.

Refine your communication approach through in-depth analysis of user data. We provide you with valuable signals, allowing you to fine-tune your strategies to maximize your ROI with every message sent.