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Our partner program


Let's team up


photo © ACTITO, Agile Marketing Automation

We're all pretty good on our own. Together we can be amazing.

We could all do with a little something extra to make our solutions more desirable to customers – from product recommendation and tag management to CRM, business intelligence and analytics. We achieve it through a two-way partnership built on trust, respect and an open mindset.

We operate a comprehensive partner program to enable third party businesses to join us in expanding the opportunities for marketers to implement cutting edge agile marketing strategies. This creates competitive advantage and measurable return on investment, and extra revenue streams for you. Everybody wins.

Business partners

Marketing agencies

Be quick to respond to customer demand for creative online marketing with a pre-built platform that’s more agile and flexible than any other solution on the market.


System integrators

Feel confident recommending the best-in-class, agile marketing automation platform as part of your integrated solutions – chosen by more than 250 mid-market businesses in Europe and beyond.


Marketing solution providers

Add value to your solution with a sophisticated marketing automation platform designed to maximize conversion rates, boost brand loyalty and deliver lifelong engagement with customers.


The extended family


Stratello         Umanis         Altima         Rise + Shine          MeltOne          ESV Digital         CustUp          Data on demand          Kestio          CRM Curve          Business Lab          And after          Amabis         Cheek           Smart Solutions          Badsender          Leadeal          Universem          Izhak           Meteors          All In Connect           Velvet          Colombus Consulting         AID, Agence Data Marketing



Technology partners

Complement integrated out-of-the-box solutions with an agile, automated and personalized marketing automation platform and fast and robust APIs.


Become a partner

Together we can create leverage in the market and give our customers the power to deliver amazing experiences that keep their customers coming back for more. Want to become a partner? Just fill in this form and we’ll get back to you right away.