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20 years expertise in email marketing, packaged in 3 webinars

WATCH & LEARN - Back to school edition

It's back-to-school time. To help you move your marketing to the next grade, we invite you to join our upcoming Watch & Learn webinars and take in 20 years of email marketing expertise. From your office desk, your cozy home or a trendy cafe, our expert is coming to you.

ACTITO invites you to the Watch & Learn - Back to school edition : 3 webinarsin 30 minutes, about 3 topics linked to one general theme : the email marketing

Curious ? Confirm your registration for the first session that will take place on September 17 at 3pm. 


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What's the plan ? 


Email marketing : tout ce qu'il faut savoir


Session 1 - Email Marketing : basics and beyond 

Where does email marketing come from ? Is it essential ? What is the "Customer Journey" ? What is the difference between "Real Time" and  "Right Time" marketing ? There is so much more to discover about email marketing. Join us to know more.

September 17, 3pm

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Anatomie de l'email marketing


Session 2 - The anatomy of a successful email marketing

 Each email marketing requires different elements. Which ones ? Why ? How to integrate them ? What is the squeleton of email marketings ? What must one do ? Or avoid ? Confirm your presence at session 2 and you will know every answer to these questions. 

October 8, 3pm

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Session 3 - Email deliverability and best practices

Deliverability... we all come across this essential concept when it comes to email marketing but are we sure that we know what it is ? You are not sure ? Don't worry : meet us on October 26, from wherever you can and we will tell you everything... 

October 26, 11am

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