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5 scenarios to boost your e-commerce

5 Marketing Automation scenarios to boost your e-commerce

On the eve of the festive season, marketing automation can send your online sales soaring!

Often, all it boils down to is knowing what scenarios are available to you to rapidly increase the ROI of your website. Here, ACTITO presents you with the marketing automation “infallibles”. These scenarios, which are fairly straightforward to implement, will have an amazing impact on your holiday season sales.

We based ourselves on the example of, an online shopping site, leader in the field of subscription services on shaving products, with tens of thousands of customers across the world.

1° Welcome sequence (drip e-mail)

Introductory e-mails are usually the most open ones and allow you to give online shoppers a first impression of your e-mail marketing.

The idea of the welcome scenario is, as the name suggests, to welcome people who register on your website with a series of messages and nurture them with information about your brand.

We recommend that you send out between 5 and 10 e-mails highlighting the main qualities of your product or service. Include a call to action (CTA) in each e-mail, inviting visitors to return to your website and make a purchase.

2° The birthday e-mail

This e-mail is sent out to consumers on the day of their birthday!

Of course, this may not result in an immediate sale because, in the worst case scenario, it may only be triggered 365 days after the consumer first registered. Yet, it also happens to be one of the most effective e-mails you can send out.

And there are a number of variations on the ‘birthday’ e-mail. It could for instance be used to celebrate the anniversary of customer’s registration, or to remind him of the birthday of a parent or friend.

Marketing Automation : email anniversaire

3° The restock reminder e-mail

This type of e-mail, which is sent out in function of a customer’s personal consumption pattern, allows you to remind customers that perhaps the time has come to re-order a certain product. This technique is highly effective if you are in the business of selling consumer products that are used on a regular basis.

For instance, as the RazWar business model is based on resupply, the company sends out an e-mail shortly before a customer’s subscription period is due to expire asking him to re-subscribe and, as the case may be, add a few accessories to his order.

4° The after-sales survey

One highly effective way to re-engage with consumers who have made a purchase or visited your site is to send them a link to a short survey to assess their satisfaction and to allow them to express their opinion which you could publish on your website. This e-mail is usually very well received by consumers and can even generate further sales when you also post their testimonials on your website.

5° Abandoned shopping cart reminder

The abandoned shopping cart reminder is the King of e-commerce scenarios. It has been proven to help recover up to 20 % of visits that did not result in a sale. We recently even wrote an entire blog on this here.

In an upcoming article, we will deal with a few issues you need to be mindful of to make sure that the benefits of the above scenarios are not lost because of clashes between the various scenarios.

Rendezvous with a new post soon!

And, of course, make sure to contact us if you have any questions!