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ACTITO and Kameleoon : multichannel customer journey personalization

ACTITO completes its wide range of offers with an innovative partnership with Kameleoon, a leading A/B testing company. Our two complementary companies offer a right mix to furnish a perfect map of the digital customer journey just one click away.

The need:
Clients who want to personalize their customer journey in a multichannel mode usually have to direct towards complex and unreactive solutions that work « in silo ». Difficult to set up, these solutions are not adapted to the marketers’ new needs.

ACTITO’s answer:
The partnership between ACTITO and Kameleoon offers a complete and coherent personalization of the customer journey, from the website to the e-mailings. The main objective of the alliance of our two solutions is to deliver an agile personalization tool to the marketers who are looking for a rapid set up and easy testing solution. 

What they say about it:
« Marketing technology has to be at the service of the users, and not the other way around. We offer a tool that is easy to deploy that has been created by marketers for marketers. ACTITO is a key editor in its sector. The agile Marketing Automation platform shares the same DNA as our solution. Building bridges between our offers will enable our users to go further and to be more effective. » says Jean-René Boidron, CEO of Kameleoon.

« Our commitment has always been to help operational teams to move from mass marketing towards real time one-to-one marketing. We are doing so by combining our solution to Kameleoon’s offer. Now, our client will no longer need large infrastructures and external Data Management Platforms because we offer a digital customer journey mapping at the click of a button. » says Marc Désenfant, Managing Director at ACTITO France.

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