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Agile Marketing Orchestration

Marketing organisations have to continuously rearrange themselves to overcome the challenges posed by digital
technology. Cloud-based tools and agile processes facilitate a “dynamic rightsourcing”. Ultimately the aim is to adapt quickly, reduce costs and improve output.

Because companies are increasingly forced to outsource marketing specialties, the need to efficiently organise the collaboration between in-house and external marketing teams is more important than ever. This is no longer just a bilateral collaboration between a CMO and his agency. Given the increasing complexity of the marketing landscape, the need to involve more and more specialists for specific tasks has also increased.

How can this chain collaborate efficiently? Cloud technology facilitates an easy agile deployment of marketing tools to all users. For instance, ACTITO offers a personalised user portal that makes it easier to share marketing tasks with every stakeholder, in such a way that every user only has access to the data and the tasks that are important to fulfil his mission.

The CMO can keep an eye on the ROI through made-to-measure dashboards, the marketing coordinator can track campaign management execution, the CRM team can upload the data needed for targeting and the content creators such as the agency, copywriters or translators fill in the campaign templates with relevant content.

Where applicable, custom applications can be developed, using the ACTITO platform, to perfectly match the needs of demanding users or to further simplify processes. By reducing the learning curve of every stakeholder in the marketing organisation, ACTITO helps to dynamically reconfigure the roles in order to cope with evolving needs.

Distributed marketing: think global, act local

As companies grow, they tend to centralise marketing functions with the risk of being cut off from the customer at local level. Agile marketing organisations must develop strategies to bring local players back in the equation.

Headquarter-based marketers face a specific challenge: getting the message to their local colleagues across the local distribution network. They have to be strict about the brand and legal messages, while still leaving their local colleagues the flexibility to add their local knowledge – which is also very important - of the end customer to the mix. Agile marketing organisations manage the stretch between these global-localrequirements, allowing a brand to implement its global vision on the right level. They must become “glocal”.

“Glocal” companies must integrate the added complexity of dealing with non-marketers to achieve their goals. Sometimes local marketing programmes need to be deployed by non-marketing collaborators (for example insurance brokers, car dealers, bank agencies, retail franchisers, etc.) Again, a cloud portal with a simplified interface, which has been specifically developed for these local marketing tasks, can help achieve these goals.

ACTITO Localizer offers an agile solution for these companies. For instance, in an Insurance company, with hundreds of brokers, a personalised portal allows local associates to create their own local marketing applications. The marketing materials are supplied by the headquarter organisation and distributed through a personalised portal, where the local marketer can use his own data sets based on regional filters in the customer database. They can edit smart 1-to-1 branded templates to produce their very own materials. ACTITO ensures real-time material layouting while a made-to-measure approval flow guarantees that every message is approved by headquarters. This set-up reduces the time-to-campaign from six weeks to two weeks, while substantially reducing the costs at the same time.