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Building your marketing stack the agile way

How to outpace change and be a consistent winner in the battle for consumer engagement

Few companies can boast a brand that does the selling for them. And, it doesn’t just happen overnight. First, you need to understand and respond to customer needs and then stay by their side on every step of their journey. That’s pretty much what ACTITO is all about too.

Is buying the most expensive technology and high-flying consultant expertise going to make you king of the engagement? Possibly. But we think it’s more about being fast on your feet, testing, learning, iterating and integrating every learning experience into everything you do. That’s how you win the engagement. Every time.

ACTITO is a strong champion of a lean philosophy that allows companies to start small, think big, and expand their customer knowledge and understanding along the way. Sure, you can build a Formula 1 car to win the championship, but how long will it take you get it out of the garage? The sky’s the limit, but it’s teamwork and groundwork that brings lasting results.
Few marketing automation solutions deeply integrate the notion of proof of concept. ACTITO does. After all, tried and tested has always resonated with clients. The trick is to try and test fast enough and often enough to outsmart your competitors.

Our own Jonathan Wuurman held a presentation about this topic for a Lunch & Learn session during the Marketing Congress organized by the BAM. The replay is available here.

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